Video: OPD offers tips to avoid car accidents

Sagan Boehm
Oxford Stories

Car wrecks have always been a big issue in the city of Oxford. With the right knowledge, people can help keep these from happening. Taking precautions is a major step to ensuring the safety of passengers, pedestrians, other people on the road, and yourself.

Administrative Sergeant Ryan Winters, of the Oxford Police Department, offered the following safety tips. “Every wreck is always preventable,” he said. “It’s never an accident, because it is always someone’s fault.”

Winters said:

1. Leave your house early so you don’t have to rush.

2. Make sure your kids are taken care of so you are not distracted and don’t have to look back at them.

3. Stay off your cell phone. Put them on silent or turn them off while you’re driving.

4. Don’t mess with your iPod or music.

5. Keep your eyes on the road.

6. Wear your seatbelt.

7. Pay attention to the traffic ahead of you.

Winters said Oxford experiences an average of about 100 wrecks per month, with this number much higher during the school year. Two major hotspots are Highway 7 in the morning and Jackson Avenue midday.

The OPD releases a daily crime report. On Nov 13, 102 tickets were issued, and 31 wrecks reported. Of these, there were:

4 DUI 1st
1 DUI 1st, disturbing the peace, no headlights
1 DUI 1st, no insurance, leaving the scene with damage
1 DUI 1st, one headlight
1 DUI 1st, possession of schedule 1 drug, possession of paraphernalia, fake ID
1 DUI 1st, wrong way on one way
1 DUI 2nd, careless driving
1 No driver’s License, no insurance, no tail lights, out of jurisdiction warrant


Several more totaled-out vehicles. Photo taken by: Sagan Boehm

The protection of everyone is more likely ensured by individual responsibility. One of the major roles each driver should take is being a guardian for themselves and others.

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