Video: How to cope with post graduation depression

Alexis T. Rhoden
Oxford Stories

After graduation, some students experience post graduation depression because of the lack of jobs. The reality is:

1. Just because you have a degree in exercise sciences and want to go to PT school, does not mean you will be accepted into PT school.


Carlitta Poston reviewing her PT school applications.

2. If you have a degree in your interest, it does not mean you will get the job that you thought you would have.

It’s hard in the real world. Many graduates think that schools fail to prepare students for the real world. Alabama State University graduate Carlitta Poston said she didn’t know there were different types of resumes.

“My school didn’t prepare me,” she said. “I never knew that there is a difference between resumes, such as job resumes or just a regular resume. I think this was a failure to all of my peers.”


Terrye Davis critiquing resumes at University of Mississippi’s Career Center.

University of Mississippi’s Career Center offers many services to students and alumni. Student worker Terrye Davis said they critique resumes and help students find jobs and internships.

Poston offered these suggestions:

1. “Be patient. Don’t measure your success off of your peers. What you’re doing is not the same as what anyone else is doing.”

2. “Network. Reach out to people you know. If you know a doctor and want to be a doctor, talk to a doctor. Ask questions. Volunteer. In the professional world, it’s about who you know sometimes.”

3. “DO NOT GIVE UP. If it’s something you really want to do, keep working. Work hard and stay determined. It will all pay off.”

4. “You are not alone. People have been in your shoes before. Know that you are alone in anything you do.”

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