Video: Review of the Gaciron bike phone mount

Gustave de Laureal
Oxford Stories

The Gaciron bike phone mount is a simplistic stem integrated bicycle phone mount that is rapidly growing in popularity among cyclists.

Active students in Oxford have been picking up this phone mount left and right. According to the Department of Sustainability at the University of Mississippi, most people who commute to the university daily live less than three miles from campus.

One benefit of having a quick, simple and stylish way to easily mount your phone to your bicycle for hands-free usage is that cuts down on distracted riding.

“It cuts down on having to finagle and mess with my phone to answer call or check texts while riding,” said Katie Nicholes, a UM student who bikes to class. “I don’t want to have to take my hands off of the handlebars to read a text or answer a call.

“With other mounts, I have had trouble mounting my phone on the go. They all felt cheap, or would not hold my phone correctly. The Gaciron mount has this innovative type of mounting system. I don’t know completely how it works, but my bike mechanic installed it in under 10 minutes.”

The phone mount is integrated into the stem of the bike. Unlike most phone mounts, the Gaciron mount does not simply clamp to the handlebars. It replaces a preexisting part, called the headset cap, with a modified bracket that has a new cap integrated into the base of the mount. Thus, essentially making the mount a functional part of the bike.

The mount is made of aluminum and high strength polymer, otherwise known as billet aluminum and EBS plastic. These materials are used for their light weight and reputation for rugged dependability.

This is not a strap on accessory with the sole purpose of holding your phone down; it has many uses. Due to its stability, it can be used to record the cyclist’s journey. Many people like to use dash cameras in their vehicles. The Gaciron mount serves a similar function.

The phone mount makes it possible to look down and quickly skim an incoming text message or call without taking your hands off the handlebars. The mount makes it possible to clip your phone in with the simple pull of a switch. A small plastic piece is mounted on the back of a smartphone that enables it to slide then clip into place in under two seconds.

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