Video: Hip Hop Rebs dance class continues to grow

Kaitlin Hollister
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Hip Hop Rebs is a hip hop dance class started by University of Mississippi senior Kendrick Wallace. Thanks to Wallace’s hard work and dedication, Hip Hop Rebs has seen continued success since its start on campus three years ago.

The class is held weekly on Thursday nights at 8:15 p.m. in the Turner Fitness Center in studio 305. When Hip Hop Rebs first began, Wallace was unsure what to expect.

“The beginning of my sophomore year, I was only expecting 10 people every single class,” Wallace said, adding that the class is becoming increasingly popular among students. “Each year, we have gotten bigger and bigger.”

Hip Hop Rebs has 200 members, even though not all members are present at every class.


Wallace discusses how Hip Hop Rebs came about

The idea behind Hip Hop Rebs is making connections with other students through dance. The class is open to all students at the University of Mississippi and any interested visitors.

“It is really important to understand [Hip Hop Rebs] is about being inclusive,” Wallace said. “I love seeing the diversity in our classes.”

There is something for everyone who is interested in participating in a Hip Hop Rebs dance class. While class difficulty varies with each instructor, Wallace said they try to keep class at an intermediate level.

“[We want] those who don’t dance to be challenged, while those that do dance are able to have a good time doing what we do in class,” he said.

Wallace wants anyone who may be interested in the class to know: “[Hip Hop Rebs] is not about being good at dance,” he said. “It is about experiencing something new and something you may have never tried before.”


Students participate in a weekly Hip Hop Rebs class.

Wallace wants those who try Hip Hop Rebs to have fun. Although word of mouth is the biggest promotion, he said social media helps get information out there.

Anyone interested in becoming involved with Hip Hop Rebs or participating in a class can find information on the group’s social media pages. You can follow the group’s latest updates, including what song might be used in the next dance class, on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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