Video: An interview with the co-host of Rebel Radio’s The Velvet Pitch

Kelly Zeidner
Oxford Stories

Maggie Smith co-hosts the 92.1 Rebel Radio show, The Velvet Pitch. Smith began as a DJ for multiple student-run Rebel Radio shows, then ventured into hosting her own.

Every Monday from 3-5 p.m., the radio show, The Velvet Pitch, airs. The live show has three hosts and a guest usually.

The show runs for two hours with a combination of music, conversation and short interviews. Occasionally, they have featured shows about local record labels.


The Velvet Pitch focuses on featuring local artists and shows coming to the North Mississippi area.

“I’ve always wanted to do a show that’s focused on local music, and with The Velvet Pitch, my two co-hosts and I get to do that,” Smith said.

Smith said it wasn’t difficult to figure out how to use all the software and equipment.

“Before you begin, you go through multiple tutorials with students with prior experience,” Smith said. “Once you get the hang of it, it is not that hard.”

Before each show, the hosts look up any upcoming shows in the area for the week. After collecting all they can find, they see if any local artists are available for a potential interview.

They make a set-list of songs based on upcoming shows. The songs play throughout the show airing that following Monday. The Velvet Pitch is a great way to attract a crowd for local concerts.


Every show begins with the song “Velvet Ditch” by The Arks. The song is an ode to Oxford and the inspiration behind the name of the radio show, The Velvet Pitch.

Listeners can tune into 92.1 on the radio, but there is also an app called Radio FX listeners can download if they are not near a real radio. 


The app is only for college radio stations around the country. The audience can search for the University of Mississippi and listen live to Rebel Radio 24-7.

Smith hopes to continue radio hosting after graduation. While she does not necessarily see this as a full-time job, she would like to host radio shows on the side for fun.

“I’ve met the coolest people and learned new music everyday,” Smith said. “It is the perfect mix of some of my favorite things.”  

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