Month: January 2018

Q & A with Sen. Briggs Hopson, D-Vicksburg

“My title here in the legislature is senator, but we also have titles like chairman of certain committees. And I’m chairman of the Energy Committee, and then I’m vice chairman of Appropriations. I went to the University of Mississippi and got a bachelor of business administration​ [degree] in 1987, and I got my juris doctorate [degree] in 1990. Both degrees from Ole Miss.”

Q & A with Rep. Credell Calhoun, D-Jackson

Democrat Representative Credell Calhoun, 74, of District 68 – Hinds and Rankin counties, has been in politics since 1979. Before Calhoun started his political journey, he attended Prairie View A & M University and Jackson State University, where he earned a bachelors of arts degree in business administration and political science and a master’s degree in counseling. Calhoun also served in the Marine Corps.

I do not like politics, but I am passionate about public education

My dad always said I will end up in political journalism. He’s wrong. I still do not like politics. I have been exposed to trigger warning and sensitivity about microaggressions that led me to pay attention and be more informed, but politics are complicated. The wide variety of issues ranging from roads to increasing taxes on the rich sometimes goes completely over my head. We all have political opinions – some very strong, but to me, it is all very complicated and sometimes boring.

My journey with University of Mississippi’s Capitol Press Corps

My experience working as a member of the Mississippi Capitol Press Corps has been eye-opening. Prior to our trip to the state capitol building in Jackson, I had never done any reporting outside of my Oxford, Mississippi bubble. The trip was about experiencing new opportunities and returning to Oxford a better reporter than when I left. I can say without a doubt that is what happened.