Oxford-based music site Auxford Wave has new editor


Jonas Baker. Photo by Chauncey Taylor.

Chauncey Taylor
Oxford Stories

A University of Mississippi senior has been named editor of the local music website “Auxford Wave.” Jonas Baker will lead the Oxford-based website that covers music.

“It is honestly an honor,” Baker said when asked about his promotion. “I was originally just another writer for the site like anyone else. My friend, Sudu, (who is an Ole Miss graduate) was the first editor, but last year he received a job working for a news station in Memphis.”

Baker was later asked to take over the job. “On one random day, I was with him, and he asked if I would be interested in taking over for him,” he said. “I said ‘yes’ in a heartbeat, and the rest is history.”

Over time, Baker has snagged a few major interviews. Last semester, he interviewed rapper, IDK, just before he dropped his biggest project.

“I really couldn’t believe he agreed to do the interview,” Baker jokingly said. “At the time, we were still recruiting new people, so Auxford Wave was as small as it had ever been. This meant that I had to go about doing the entire interview without any help at all. When I got on the phone with him, I was so nervous, but I had to be professional as possible.”

Since then, IDK has been seen everywhere in mainstream media. He modeled for Vogue. He was cosigned by major rappers, like Chief Keef and Trick Daddy. He also has a deal with adult swim.

“IDK was a cool guy,” Baker said. “At first he didn’t say much, but after a while, was cooperative and gave me a really good interview.”

The next big interview Baker tackled was artist Kembe X, who has been cosigned by multiple people in the rap game. One of those people is Baker’s favorite artist, Isaiah Rashad.

“I can’t even lie,” he said. “I was a little surprised he agreed to do the interview. I really had just Tweeted about him/his music, and somehow he noticed my Tweet and liked it.

“So from that point, I really just ‘shot my shot.’ I DM’d him telling him about Auxford Wave and telling him I was a fan of his music. When I asked about the interview, he was all the way down for it. I was so excited when I got the news that I had to call up all of my friends and let them know.”

Pierce Weiss is the newest writer and UM student added to the Auxford Wave team. The senior produces beats and instrumentals on the side. This job at Auxford Wave is his first writing job, but that has not stopped him from having a major impact on the website as a whole within a short time on staff.

“It’s been great,” he said. “I was never a big writer growing up or in school, but I have always loved music. It is something about hip hop and EDM that I can write about for days without complaining.”

Weiss has only written a few stories so far, but he has impressed his editor.

“We love Pierce,” Baker said. “He is so knowledgeable about his field that he has been able to give us some of the most insightful and honest articles on the website that we have ever had.”

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