UM student manages sports writing career from dorm

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Katherine Johnson
Oxford Stories

While widely known for its country music roots, Nashville is making a name for itself in the hockey world. The Nashville Predators have spiked major interest from natives, especially Ole Miss freshman Jake Evans.

Evans began his own hockey career at the age of 5. “We grew up hockey fans and decided to try out the sport,” he said.

His younger brother, Ben Evans, an upcoming Ole Miss freshman, remembered the pair’s first hockey moments. “Our neighbor… [gave] us our first set of sticks,” Ben Evans said. “Jake got the lefty that was red, and I got the righty that was green.”

Jake and Ben spent most of their hockey years together, varying from youth league to travel teams, and eventually to the high school level. The boys were one of four sets of brothers on their varsity team during Jake’s senior year.

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Whenever the boys were off the ice, they could usually be found rink-side at a Nashville Predators game. The team captured the family’s attention early on. Jake Evans has a collection of memories spent in Bridgestone Arena cheering on the Preds.

Jake Evans has turned his passion for the activity into his current career as a sports reporter for a variety of websites. His hockey work can be found on most regularly, for his commitment ties him to at least four pieces per month. He also partners with to cover football recruiting and to cover all things Ole Miss sports.

As a writer, he credits his individual hockey career to some of his success. Playing the sport “has made writing a lot more fun, as I already have a very solid base knowledge about the game, how it works, and the Predators in general.”

However, Jake Evans also notes the struggles of writing about something he knows so intimately. “There are some things like in-depth analysis and numbers that I’ve had to learn along the way,” he said.

Moving from the Predators’ home in Nashville to school in Oxford has also made his work more difficult. The freshman recognized that writing has become more challenging since entering college.

“I can’t watch every game or go to games like I used to be able to,” he said. “I have to make a much greater effort to follow scores, stats, and news, as I can’t see it in the paper or hear about it like I can back in Nashville.”

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However, Jake Evans said he had grown as a writers since moving to Oxford. “It is an individual effort of mine, which also makes my writing more independent and less influenced by the bias of other fans in Nashville,” he said.

Last season, the Nashville Predators made a strong candidacy for the Stanley Cup, winning their way into the finals. When they lost to Philadelphia Penguins, though, is when Jake Evans’ career took off with Since he began working for the site, he has published over 65 articles covering the team.

He said each article can vary about the time it takes to write. If he knows about the topic adequately, he can sometimes churn them out in merely 30 minutes. Other, more involved pieces can take up to five or six hours.

Pursuing this career has revealed a new passion. Writing has become a integral part of his time on the Oxford campus. He has established himself as an integrated marketing communications major with a focus in sports promotion.

“My dream career is to be a sports agent or work in that business,” he said. “I love working with other people and the idea of working in a fast-paced environment. Similarly, I love sports in general and everything about the sports world. It’s been my biggest fascination for as long as I can remember, and it’s my dream to work in that business one day.”

This differs from his childhood dreams, where he imagined himself as a business man like his father. Jake Evans always envisioned himself having a job that required math skills, but he has learned “to really like using [his] words both online and with others.”

Jake Evans fondly remembers the time he spent in the hockey rink and credits his athletic writing knowledge to being involved in the sports world for so long. While he now watches hockey games, the Nashville Predators specifically, from the crowd, he continues to be involved and informed about the league.

To read some of Jake’s pieces on the Nashville Predators, visit To see some of his works on football recruitment, drop by To find some of Evans’ words on Ole Miss sports, click over to

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