Robertson enjoys selling office supplies and spending time on the farm

Hugh Robertson at Work

Hugh Robertson hard at work at his company, Pitner Office Supply. Photo By Chloe Parrish.

Chloe Parrish
Oxford Stories

Hugh Robertson is a man of many titles – father, owner and friend. His passion for work begins early in the day as the manager of Pitner Office Supply at 1714 University Ave. in Oxford. 

Robertson loves spending time at his store and and with family. After working in the industry for more than 44 years, he said he enjoys coming to work each morning and promoting shopping local through his company.

The store sells paper, office supplies, and office furniture and also delivers to customers. Although some days are more challenging than others, Robertson faces each day with the same tenacity.

Robertson began his office supply career at Copywrite in New Albany. Beginning as an employee, he later purchased the company, then sold it to another employee who moved Copywrite to another Oxford branch.

Pitner Office Supply has been serving Oxford since July of 1982, but Robertson has been in the office supply industry for over 44 years. Often customers come in and personally request “Mr. Hugh.”

Each morning, Robertson assists with packing orders for delivery. He carefully oversees every operation and loves to help customers. If an employee needs to know if a product is in stock or where to find it, Robertson knows the answer.

He is also known as the “guru of furniture.” With many pieces not available in store, it seems he has memorized every catalog. If you want it, he can find it. His determination is unmatched when it comes to finding a product.

Hugh Robertson and His Awards

Hugh Robertson proudly displays his awards at Pitner Office Supply. Photo By Chloe Parrish.

Robertson loves to chat with customers and friends. He knows everyone in town. He said serving as CEO of Pitner Office Supply has been a great honor, and he has won awards for his business that are displayed in the lobby.

Robertson loves to tell stories about his time in the business and Oxford. There is never a drought of stories and life lessons.

“It’s made me a decent living over the years,” he said. “Most days, after doing it for 44 years, I love coming to work.”

Hugh Robertson on Forklift

Hugh Robertson helping unload freight on the forklift at Pitner Office Supply. Photo By Chloe Parrish.

Employee Ronda Nail said she enjoys working with Robertson. “I have worked for this man for 28 years, and you cannot ask for (a) better boss,” she said.

Robertson loves spending time with his employees, even throwing a Harvest Party every October. He opens his home to Pitner employees and their families.

“Family is so important to Hugh,” Nail said. “Pitner is just one big family.”

As a proud father of three, and grandfather to nine, Robertson can be found hanging out with his grandchildren or going to their sports games, recitals and other endeavors on weekends.

He also loves his farm and home. He tends to his crops, which include pine trees, corn, and other crops. He is always researching new equipment for his tractor, new crops to plant, and how to better his farm. Friends often ask how his tractor is running or what he’s planning for his next project.

Just a few weeks ago, Robertson had hundreds of pine saplings delivered to the store for his farm. He took pride in showing all of the employees how delicate the plants are and how the pine trees would benefit his farm.

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