Double Decker Arts Festival draws large crowds for local businesses

Abbie McIntosh
Brianna Bynumm
DeAndria Turner
Oxford Stories

One event will bring thousands of visitors to Oxford this weekend. The Double Decker Arts Festival in its 23rd year is set for April 27-28 on the Oxford Square.


Square businesses expect a large, revenue-generating crowd, and Sadie Wilson from University Sporting Goods said all employees will help with the big weekend.

“The store is pretty full most of the time,” Wilson said. “We have to keep workers outside and inside just to keep traffic moving at a fast pace so it doesn’t get too crowded.”

Wilson said the store is running sales for festival goers. “We do like a $5 bin and $10 T-shirts outside,” Wilson said. “We also do a couple of sale items to get rid of the fall inventory.”

University Sporting Goods isn’t the only business gearing up for the big weekend. The Lily Pad also has sales lineup, and Manager Stephany Kennedy has a special item for sale.

“A top seller that we have every year is a T-shirt,” Kennedy said. “We’re doing what we’re calling an Oxford T-shirt this year, and it has a double decker bus on it.”

Kennedy said The Lily Pad reviewed 2017 sales and noticed the T-shirt was the big seller. This year, they want to take their design in a new direction.

“We have people coming all year long looking for Double Decker merchandise and Oxford merchandise, so we merged the two,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said Double Decker weekend is an important weekend for the business, and like University Sporting Goods, The Lily Pad plans to have all employees present during the festival.

“When you compare it to Double Decker weekend, it’s a lot bigger and a lot different,” Kennedy said. “We expect thousands of people.”

Even though it’s all hands on deck for local businesses, some employees enjoy the festival for once the crowds die down.

“Usually I’m able to go Saturday night or even early Friday morning,” Wilson said. “I’m from Oxford, so I’ve been able to go before. It’s always fun.”

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