Video: Plans continue for new parking garage near Oxford Square


Danielle Angelo
Oxford Stories 

It’s no secret that parking is a big issue in Oxford. The Square is especially an issue, and even though it is a popular place in Oxford, there are very little areas to park. This leaves the large number of residents, especially during the school year, feeling frustrated, because it is so hard to find a spot to park. The Oxford Board of Alderman have come up with a solution to this problem, a new parking garage.

The Oxford Square. Photo by Danielle Angelo

The Oxford Square. Photo by Danielle Angelo.

Tom Sharpe is the chair of the parking garage design build team. He offered information on the plans for the garage.

“It’s on Jefferson basically,” Sharpe said. “It will hold 402 cars, and then there will be 92 spaces around the garage, but not in the garage.”

Though parking is not free, Sharpe said it will only cost 50 cents an hour.

Tom Sharpe Photo by Danielle Angelo

Tom Sharpe working on his computer. Photo by Danielle Angelo.

Construction is not underway yet, but Sharpe provided information on the process. “We expect it to start late June, early July. Construction documents are almost finished now, and we expect the bids to be out on May 1, and the responses to come in by May 31.

After that, Sharpe said there are a few other things that should happen before construction can officially begin, and the garage should be open exactly 12 months after construction starts.

Even though this garage is a highly anticipated project in Oxford right now, many students are unaware there were even plans to build it, and that construction will begin soon.

Ole Miss freshman Laurel Dennies was one of the many students who did not know about plans for the garage, but shared excitement that other students have shared after hearing about the plans. She offered a student’s perspective about how the garage will help the town of Oxford.

Parking on the Oxford Square. Photo by Danielle Angelo

Parking on the Oxford Square. Photo by Danielle Angelo.

“Obviously, the school is only getting larger, and I think that it’s smart of the city of Oxford itself to finally recognize the fact that there is a growing population,” Dennies said.

“I feel like if we have more parking here for more students, that means more happy students,” Dennies said.

Once built, the highly anticipated parking garage will not just provide residents with more parking options, but will make trips to the Square easier, and will take away the stress of finding an open parking spot.

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