Video: Rebel Radio leaders encourage students to get involved

Hunter Walton Grissom
Oxford Stories

The University of Mississippi’s student run and operated radio station, Rebel Radio, carries on the legacy of radio, while providing students with a musical outlet. The station, broadcasting out of the Student Media Center in Bishop Hall on the Oxford Campus, includes both paid and volunteer jobs.

Paid positions include station manager, marketing director, programming director, and news director. All DJ positions are volunteer based, though these positions prove rewarding for many students who dedicate an hour or two from their week to Rebel Radio.

“It’s 92.1 FM, all around Oxford and surrounding areas, most likely providing the stronger radio signals for the city of Oxford than other stations,” said Ingrid Valbuena, the station’s marketing director.

The station broadcasts live Monday through Friday, running from 7 a.m. to as late as 10 p.m.

“Every semester, we look for students who are knowledgeable on music, especially local music and artists,” said Valbuena.

Getting involved with Rebel Radio only requires students coming to the Student Media Center to fill out an application and sign up for an audition time, in which staff members for Rebel Radio inquire about ideas applicants have for their radio show.

“Within the first three weeks of a new semester, we hope to have new DJs on air,” said Valbuena.

Applicants who are selected to become DJs undergo an orientation and training before their first show.

“Auditions are held semesterly so that we can provide this unique experience to as many students as possibly, and we are always encouraging students to apply,” said Valbuena. “In my experience, I loved it and never would have thought about doing radio until I did Rebel Radio. I’ve always been a big fan of art even though I’m not a musician, and working with the station has really made me respect college radio.”

Rachel Lochridge, a senior accounting major, works as a Rebel Radio DJ. “Rebel Radio connects your story to someone else through music, sometimes people that you don’t even know,” said Lochridge. “My co-host and I put a lot of thought into what songs we play and what order we play them in to tell a story that is relevant to us, and the coolest part about that is whenever someone else hears that playlist or songs and can make it their own story.”

Both Valbuena and Lochridge recall times students have reached out to them about enjoying their shows, and each DJ recommends that students get involved with Rebel Radio by stopping by the Student Media Center in Bishop Hall to receive information about opportunities and application deadlines.

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