The “coolest” vendor for the last 23 returns to Double Decker

Deandria Turner
Oxford Stories

Starting in the bed of an old pickup truck, Sno Biz was among the very first vendors to participate in the Double Decker Music and Arts Festival 23 years ago. The event now draws a crowd of more than 60,000 people with hundreds of vendors lining the streets.

The owner of the snow cone franchise, John Sherman, said he’s proud to have been there from the beginning.


“I call myself a charter member of the Double Decker,” he said.

Sherman said getting ready for Double Decker weekend does not happen overnight. He and his crew prepare for weeks, and one ingredient in his success comes with time.

“Experience. Experience is the formula,” said Sherman.

After more than two decades of working the festival, Sherman’s advice to other vendors is simple.

“Get to the Square as early as possible because it’s just a logjam.”

Sno Biz employee Anna Thomas said that, although she loves the festival and her job, working Double Decker can be overwhelming compared to the normal day.

“It’s 30 times the amount of snow cones we sell on our busiest day,” Thomas said.

Sherman said it’s just the right treat for people of all ages to enjoy.

“It cools people off, plus it’s tasty, delicious,” he said.

Rain or shine, no matter how busy it gets, Sherman said the festival is exciting, despite the hard work.

“If you sell 10 of them there, you know that’s 10 more you weren’t going to sell if you didn’t have it. It’s just a fun day.”

And for those who are new to the Sno Biz, here’s a tip — the most popular flavor of all is homemade vanilla.

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