Video: Here’s how one Ole Miss department planned their graduation ceremony

Turner St. Romain
Sarah Liese

Oxford Stories

Planning any graduation is an intricate process. Here’s a look at how the graduation team from the Ole Miss Pharmacy School is getting the job done.

One of the first steps in planning the graduation ceremony is deciding on the location. Marketing Director for the Ford Center, Kate Meacham explained.

Photo courtesy of Ken Lund.

“Months in advance is when we start the conversation,” Meacham said. “It is usually started when they come out and decide which ceremony is happening in which space. Then we contact the school and start discussions about the planning.”

With graduation only about a week away, the graduation team for the pharmacy school has been working together with the public events’ staff to figure out a plan that makes graduation special for all upcoming graduates.

They discuss the details of the day, such as when graduation will take place, when the speaker will begin their speech and when the platform party will arrive. Additionally, they plan how they will manage the crowds.

“We basically just meet with each other,” Meacham said. “We have a lot of open communication between who is preparing what aspects, so the communication staff will work on writing the script, making sure the program looks good.”

With the student services staff, the communications staff, and the dean all working together, effective communication is key.

Communication Specialist for the Pharmacy School Sydney DuPriest recognized the importance of communication, so she makes sure her team is always on the same page.

“There are so many small aspects of how to run this event and make sure it all goes smoothly,” DuPriest said. “We are all just making sure we are all talking to each other about what we need to do, [and] what is taken care of. But fortunately, our office works well together as a team.”

Meacham said they plan graduation like any other event, and both Meacham and DuPriest hope the end result will be a cap-waving success.

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