Video: Ole Miss looks to make parking more accessible at graduation

Jack Orloff
Kira Bettineschi
Oxford Stories

As graduation at the University of Mississippi approaches, Ole Miss is making sure that parents and family have a place to park this year on campus.

“Graduation is one of those special times of year,” said Mike Harris, director of parking and transportation at Ole Miss. “We always want to get everyone in and out of here as sufficiently as we possibly can. We want to make sure that there is no extra stress for family members this year because we know that last year was stressful for some people. We just want to make sure things run smoothly and easy for people who may not know campus.”

Harris believes this year will be a lot easier for people who are trying to park for graduation.

This is due to the fact that the university has built two new garages in the past four years that have added the extra parking that the university desperately needed.

“Obviously last year, we didn’t have the residential garage, we didn’t have the additional parking that we have on the north side of campus like we do this year. All and all, we have an additional 2,000 spaces on the north side of campus that we didn’t have last year, so that will defiantly help out all the people who are coming for graduation.”

Ole Miss parking is taking the necessary’s steps to make sure that frustrations are eliminated and that everyone is happy this graduation weekend.

Barrett Teller is a senior at Ole Miss who hopes this year will be easier for his family than previous years.

“A couple years ago, my sister graduated, and parking was a real challenge,” Teller said. “My parents couldn’t find anywhere to park their car. There were cars literally everywhere and people getting tickets left and right, so I hope this year it will be a lot easier for my parents because it was really frustrating for them last time. They just know how special this day is for me, and they just want everything to go according to plan because they have been looking forward to it just as much as I have.”

The university has also created a website this year that has all the information and maps of the locations of each school’s graduation. It also has the main commencement time. You can access the website by visiting

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