Video: Oxford stores prepare for graduation crowds

Brett Orsay
Amanda Haley
Oxford Stories

Stores all around Oxford have been preparing for the busy upcoming weeks. Double Decker, Cinco de Mayo, and a finish with graduation will give the stores plenty to prepare for. Jackson Beer Co. has been working on developing discounts for new alumni during the big weekend.

Store owner Alan Jackson has been getting calls for pre-ordering kegs for graduation weekend, and he offered advice for people in the market for kegs. 

“You can order kegs right now for graduation weekend,” said Jackson. “The more time we have in advance the better.”

Jackson has been working on communication with customers, and it is seen in his communication with other employees and how they interact at work. Jackson Beer Co. employee Steven Oswalt enjoys the opportunity to assist people in something he loves.

“I just honestly like watching people try new beers and like helping them branch out and explore,” said Oswalt.

Jackson Beer Co. has an impressive retention rate with customers, and on top of that, the customers spend much time in the store asking Jackson and other employees about advice on certain beers and flavors.

The impending graduation weekend is expected to bring hordes of new customers to Oxford for all stores. Jackson believes their kegs may be sold out soon, and urges customers to act fast.

“You don’t always have to pre-order, but we prefer because we won’t keep a lot of kegs,” said Jackson. “It’s going to be first come first serve with any extra kegs we have.”

Even if you haven’t ordered a keg before, Jackson Beer Co. is focused on keeping the process as simple as possible for the customer, as they do for all aspects of their business.

“It’s really easy,” said Jackson. “Just call us up and let us know what you want to get, and we’ll tell you availability.”

Although the store predicts the kegs will go fast as graduation creeps closer, Jackson Beer Co. does plan to have a few in stock regardless of the preordering process.

“Some kegs, we will keep in stock for graduation weekend just for last minute purchases,” said Jackson.

Graduation will turn small towns of a few thousand into large populations all over the country starting in a few weeks, and like all holidays and special events, the stores in those small towns focus on those weekends more than others.

Jackson Beer Co. does not have any events planned for the weekend yet, but they are working on putting together an event for food and beer sampling as graduation gets closer.

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