Video: The Chancellor’s House manager and workers prepare for graduation

Jack Newsom
Mary McIntosh
Brianna Bynum
Oxford Stories

The spring semester at Ole Miss is coming to an end, and for some Ole Miss students, that means graduation is approaching. However, students are not the only ones preparing for graduation. Local hotels are too.

With graduation weekend bringing so many visitors to Oxford, Clifton Odom, manager of The Chancellor’s House, said families book rooms a long way in advance to ensure they have a place to stay.

“We take reservations one year in advance,” Odom said. “They [guests] will check out and say, ‘Can I book for next year?’ so that’s always a good sign.”

Because so many people will be in need of hotel rooms during graduation weekend, Odom said rates will increase during that time because of consumer demand.

“The rates increase because we have so many people coming to town,” Odom said. “There is a scarcity of rooms during that time.”

A regular weekend at The Chancellor’s House will cost you around $200 dollars a night, but for graduation weekend, a room there will cost four times as much.

Odom said he wants guests visiting for graduation weekend to feel at home, and there are many things that the hotel is doing to prepare for such accommodations.

“Staffing, staffing, staffing,” Odom said. “In a luxury hotel, we want to make sure everyone is attended to in the appropriate manner. Across the board, we need everyone trained and prepared, so the weekend can run as smoothly as possible.”

Odom also said other parts of the hotel need to be ready to go too.

“And since we’re located right here by the Square, we want to make sure that our parking garage is ready to go because it’s going to be at full capacity,” he said.

Casey Eustis, a bartender for The Chancellor’s House, is no stranger to working graduation weekend and plans to use what she learned from last year’s big weekend to help her with this one.

“Last year, I worked at a bar on the Square,” Eustis said. “It was extremely busy. I honestly was not prepared last year because I had never worked a graduation weekend.”

The Chancellor’s House is booked for graduation weekend 2018, but if you are still wanting to stay at the hotel, Odom said you can be added to a waiting list.

The Chancellor’s House is already taking reservations for next year’s graduation weekend and Odom said to book now to ensure guests get the best rates.

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