Video: How to get the best graduation picture possible

Chance Robertson
Kira Bettineschi
Oxford Stories

Graduation season is upon Oxford, Mississippi, and many seniors want and need their senior portrait photos.

In years past, students would often use an agency or more traditional photography businesses. However, with the rise of freelance photography, seniors now have more options for their photography needs.

Lamar Norsworthy and Lauren Forsythe decided to go with a freelance photographer for their portraits.

“We wanted someone who would do good work, and Tristan’s Instagram page showed us that he would be the man for the job,” said Norsworthy

Lamar was referring to Tristan Ruppert, who has been working on senior portraits since April and has had clients from both Ole Miss and UAB.

His page has close to 500 followers and over 200 posts.

“The page is growing, and these graduation portraits will help it continue to grow,” said Ruppert.

Ruppert has taken photos for more than 20 people this graduation season, and he has four more photo shoots for 28 people left to do.

Ruppert has done a variety of senior portraits ranging from individual, couples and group photo shoots.  One of his shoots was for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

While he personalizes his photo shoots, a few stalwarts always seem to be a part of the shoot.

The Lyceum and the Circle are always used in the sessions.

Tristan Ruppert is not the only photographer who isn’t working with an agency. However, she does not label herself as a freelance photographer.

“This is my business and my full-time job,” said Kayla Beatty, who has had many graduation shoots this year.

“I’ve had somewhere between 15-20 shoots so far since March,” said Beatty.

Like Ruppert, social media and word of mouth are often how she contacts clients and vice versa.

“I advertise through social media, mostly Instagram. I also have my website linked to my social media,” said Beatty.

Her Instagram page has almost 3,000 followers, and her website provides information about pricing and photo shoot styles.

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