Oxford band And The Echo drops new single ‘Made For You’

And the Echo

Ashley Mills
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The Oxford band And The Echo has dropped a new single that was “Made For You.” The track by the same name has been released on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

The indie synth rock band was formed in March of 2014 by Morgan Pennington and Winn McElroy featuring an electronic rock sound with multiple instruments and synthesizers.

Opening for well-known artists at The Lyric and playing their own shows at places like Proud Larry’s and other venues across the South, the band has a growing fanbase. And The Echo, the name of their first album, was released in 2016 with eight songs. Since then, they have released another album and the new single.

The performers decided to release all songs separately at different times.

“Singles are a better way to go, because you can put a couple of months into one song, (and) it is going to be a lot better than if you put a couple of months into 10 songs,” said McElroy. “Initially, I will record a few ideas and come down to one idea, and though we are slower writers, what we release is quality.”

McElroy said the music is all written in a studio. “It’s not like a normal band who goes and jams for a few hours,” he said. “It starts with a melody and adds on.”

Pennington said they learn something new with each creation. “With each new song, you can hear growth and experience,” Pennington said.

The group is also changing their music and staging. Audiences should expect new music, new instruments, and more guitars. There will also be less use of synthesizers on stage to give the set-up a cleaner look.

Music History

In early 2014, Pennington began recording an acoustic record with Winn, a record producer, and he added electric sound.

“At that time, I was working at city hall,” Pennington said, “and a girl who does scheduling for Double Decker asked me to play, because they always ask a local to perform at the beginning of the day. I thought that I would never be able to reproduce that sound, so I told her no.”

When Pennington told Winn she had declined the invitation, he convinced her they could recreate the sound. And the Echo formed at Double Decker in 2014 playing outside of High Point Coffee, which is now known as Uptown Coffee, in a small gated set up.

Group leaders strive to make their music appeal to many. “It has an ’80s vibe to it as well as a current electronic vibe,” Pennington said, “so it appeals to people who like ’80s music and people who like today’s music. It is nostalgic for some and current for others.”

And the Echo has played live shows around Oxford and other towns throughout the South. One of their larger fanbases is in Birmingham, specifically at a dive bar called Marty’s. This has been their favorite venue.

“They don’t have a stage; they have a ‘stage area,'” Pennington said, “and the crowd is the most fun out of all the shows we play. They all show up in their And The Echo T-shirts and have so much energy.”

The bar is open until 5 a.m., so it is a later show to play. “The first time we came to this venue, the owner showed up later in the act because she heard what was happening at her bar,” McElroy said.

Another venue they love is Martin’s in Jackson, Mississippi. “The stage is huge, and the sound is great,” said Pennington.

And the Echo

Lighting effects are another part of the live shows. “It is a good way to get people out of their cell phones and let them fully engage with the show,” said Pennington. “That way, they are not only hearing, but also seeing.”

McElroy said people expect lighting effects with the music genre. Features include different strobe light flashes and lining lights. They also add as much color as possible, and create a color scheme for each song.

If you’d like to catch the band in action, here’s a list of their upcoming gigs.

  • Otherfest in Cleveland, Mississippi at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 5
  • Proud Larry’s in Oxford at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12
  • Martin’s Restaurant & Bar in Jackson at 10 p.m. Halloween night

For more information about their upcoming shows.

Click the link to learn more about the band.

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