Spilling the Tea: Here’s the details about Oxford’s newest restaurant

oxfordsip food restaurant

Meg Brashears
Oxford Stories

Most people have heard of the “Freshman 15.” Trying to eat healthy in college is sometimes difficult.

“I got the vision of Sip in July when my daughter Grace came to me about how everyone had gained weight throughout her freshman year of college,” said the father of three. “Then it hit me that I should open a restaurant in Oxford.”

That’s why Jackson resident Brent Cartwright decided to open Sip at 1537 University Ave.

Cartwright began to brainstorm ideas of places that would be good, yet convenient for college students. His first idea was a smoothie and wrap place. Then he thought about tea.

“College kids are always on the go,” he said, “so it is rare for them to be able to go in and sit down and eat. But with Sip, they can easily stop by, and get a drink, and be on their way.”


Brent’s daughter, Grace Cartwright, said her dad is determined.

“When my dad is set on something, he is not going to stop until he succeeds,” said the Ole Miss student. “That is why Sip has become such a success. My dad has always been so passionate about everything he does no matter how big or small, and now that he has started this all on his own, it’s incredible to stand by him and support him through it.”

Growing up, Cartwright loved helping others in his community.

”He was always looking for the next best thing to and for the next way to help people because he has the biggest heart out of anyone I’ve met in my life,” Grace said.

Cartwright graduated from Ole Miss, so he knew that going to a big school in a small town and eating healthy can be a challenge. Sip was his way to reach out and care for people in the Oxford community. Because Ole Miss and Oxford had been such big parts of his life, he felt like he needed to give back.

“The people I grew up around are the types of people that even on their worst days, they would make sure that everyone around them had a smile on their faces, no matter what they were going through,” he said. “That’s just how it was, and that really shaped me into the person I am today.”

Sip is a place where everyone is welcome. It serves teas and shakes that have different types of natural energy boosters or metabolism boosters.

The store offers low sugar, low carb, low calorie, high protein shakes that are all under 250 calories. They have 50 flavors and teas with vitamins. Some of the names include Strawberry Kiwi, Wedding Cake, Captain Crunch, Cake Batter, Tropical Sunrise, Strawberry Watermelon, Skittelz and Rebel Yell.

“Being able to give back to the place that taught me to always have a smile on my face and how to love people unconditionally is rewarding in itself,” Cartwright said. “It’s not about the money to me; it’s about making people smile and making people happy.”


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