Sip in the ‘Sip: Oxford welcomes new shake and tea business billed as healthy alternative to high sugar options

This is a photo of an energy tea from OxfordSip, with Oxford on the cup. Photo by Ally Ehrman

Chloe Mayenknecht
Oxford Stories

Owners of the new business Oxfordsip believe you can Sip your way to a healthier and slimmer body.

The business at 1537 University Ave. that sells protein shakes and teas is trending with Ole Miss students who often post about it on social media. Owner Brett Cartwright, originally from Jackson, opened the location at the end of September. He has been a car salesman for the last 30 years.

“I have a sophomore daughter here, a recently graduated son, and another son coming next fall,” he said. “I wanted to come to Oxford to help them learn the ways of the business world.”

The store carries a variety of protein shakes that are 200-250 calories, 24 grams of protein, and low sugar. You can also pair your shake with an energy-boosting tea, which is 0 sugar, 4 carbs, and 24 calories. These products are said to only have a few ingredients compared to franchise smoothie places that have hundreds.

The shakes serve as a meal replacement, but taste just like their names. Some of the most popular shakes are Cake Batter and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The owners say customers get the satisfaction of a sweet treat without the calories or sugar. Shakes by themselves are $8 and teas are $7, but when you combine them, they are $12.

Since Cartwright has never worked in the food industry and has always been a car guy, he wanted to open Oxfordsip to offer healthier choices.

“My daughter started using the products and really enjoyed them,” he said. “Once I started using them, I lost weight and could tell how much of an impact it had on my health. In Oxford, most smoothie/shake places are loaded with sugar and carbs, but with our products, there is hardly any sugar, low carb, and it tastes way better.

“Are products are organic, and most are gluten-free. We know everything that is in the products. We pre-portion out our ingredients for shakes and teas so nothing is ever overdone. It is an easy way to make sure the shakes/teas are always the same, and we do not over or under use the ingredients.”

Oxfordsip has only been open for a few weeks, but has been popular among Ole Miss students. The owners use social media to promote the products, posting twice a day, highlighting deals and new flavors. Oxfordsip has even posted pictures with Ole Miss sports teams that have supported their business. 

“I thought what better way to get our products out there than social media,” Cartwright said. “College students are constantly on their phones, and we even give a $2 discount to customers that post about us on social media. We have a Facebook and Instagram page. That is how we market our products. The more we post, the more the customers will come.”

Cartwright and his kids make all shakes and teas. The store features artwork of Ole Miss students.

“I opened this store not only to bring Oxford healthier choices, but to teach my kids the way a business works,” Cartwright said. “I wanted them to be able to experience the real world before they truly have to. I want Oxfordsip to stay around for as long as they want to keep it open. This business is all about family.”

Ole Miss students have posted Snapchats and Instagram stories about the products. Every day, there are about 20 new Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat posts from customers. 

Sophomore Courtney Zeidner from Fort Mill, South Carolina, is a loyal customer and a big fan of the shakes.

“It’s nice to finally have a place where I know what I am putting in my body is great,” she said. “Having a guilt-free option in Oxford is amazing. I am very active, and the shakes keep me full for long periods of time. Ever since I tried Oxfordsip, I go at least once a week. The best part of Oxfordsip isn’t even the products; it’s how fast they make them and the customer service that goes along with it.”


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