Column: University of Mississippi offers liberal studies major appealing to those with broad interests

Caroline Duff

All throughout my life, I have always admired and connected with people. My parents used to always joke about how I had a spark and could easily click with just about anyone.

I have always found every type of person to be so fascinating. I love kids, people my age, and even older. I love listening to them speak about their lives and experiences. My family always jokes that I am a people person.

Growing up, I always thought I wanted major in education to become a teacher. This way, I can experience my love with kids, teachers my age, and their parents.

It was not until going into my sophomore year of college I had a change of heart about this major. It is a incredible major, I just think I lost my spark with it. I just did not want to go back to a classroom setting after college. I wanted to travel and experience world.

I have grown up traveling with my parents, and always told myself I will continue after I graduate college. I could not think of a major that I wanted to do, and it stressed me out to the max. To choose a major is stressful, because it’s something you will have to do the rest of your life.

I went to my counselor to ask for any help, and that is when she suggested liberal studies. I have never heard of this major, but Ole Miss has a fantastic program. Liberal studies is a broad major that lets you do more than one minor. A person can have up to three minors, and that will make your major. 

I think doing three minors and making it a major is something incredible and different. It allows you to do more than one thing  you love. Instead of doing one major that leaves you qualified for only a certain amount of jobs, liberal studies gives you more options. I decided to make my major into three minors: English, history and journalism.

English was my first choice for my minor. Growing up, I was always reading books. I love poetry and books and always found the English language fascinating.

I picked history because I have been to 24 foreign countries. It has been incredible to travel around the world, and I loved every minute of it. I love experiencing all the different types of culture and ways around the world.

I picked journalism as my third major. At first, I was a little skeptical about journalism being my third major. I wanted to do Spanish as my third. I signed up for a Spanish class my sophomore year. I think learning another language is so beneficial and important in our society.

When I traveled to Honduras two summers ago, I became frustrated because I could not understand what the people were saying. There was nothing I wanted more than to connect with people in Honduras. Sadly, I could not speak Spanish, so this was one of the reasons why I decided I would make this my third major.

However, I did not enjoy Spanish. It was difficult. I ended up switching my Spanish class to a journalism class, and I fell in love with this journalism class. I was very excited to connect better with journalism over Spanish, and wanted to make this my third major. I was thrilled to do this. I do have a set goal to learn Spanish one day, because even though it is difficult to learn, it is also very important.

With journalism, I loved learning about the media and communications throughout the world. Journalism is something you can use everyday in your life, and that is what I really love about it. I did not realize how much I loved journalism until last year, but I am glad I found this minor. Journalism keeps me informed about the world around me

Going into my junior year of college, I could not love my major more. Not many people know what liberal studies is outside of Ole Miss, so I get very excited to tell them. I love how different this major is and how broad. This major will open so many different doors for me, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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