Video: If you need a plant, head to The OIL Shed in Oxford

Ashley Mills
Oxford Stories

The OIL Shed of Oxford is an interior landscape shop on North Lamar Boulevard behind Oxford Canteen. OIL stands for Oxford Interior Landscape.

The name is significant because the building was previously used as a place where people would get their oil changed. It was directly beside a gas station, which is now Oxford Canteen.

The OIL Shed encourages Oxford citizens to populate their home with exotic plant decor and other ornaments to create a happier and healthier environment.

OIL Shed employee Louisa McConnell said working at the OIL Shed allows her to garden and create art through plants.

“In my past, I was the assistant editor of Garden Design Magazine, when I lived in New York,” McConnell said, “and growing up on a farm in Mississippi, I’ve always been interested in plants. I have a bit of a green thumb and just enjoy the solitude of spending a little quality time with your fingers in the dirt.”

The OIL Shed is unlike any other business in Lafayette County. “We are not a florist or flower shop,” she said. “We are an interior plant shop. We really bring a special touch to the types of plants that we have and the designs that we do.”

They encourage customers to have their own vision and create what they want in their home. “It is a lot of what we can bring to hoping you create a piece that makes you happy,” McConnell said. “We help people find the right plants for their space.”

They have a wide selection of plants and strive to find the best quality products to best suit their customers. “Interior house plants and interior greenscapes are kind of what our specialty is,” McConnell said. “We have everything from exotics from Brazil all the way to orchids. A lot of our stuff comes from all over the world, so we really have a variety of plants that are unique, and we help people put them in their homes.”

The main goal of the OIL Shed is to create a happier, more positive environment in the home through interior landscape.

“All plants pretty much make you happy, because they bring oxygen into your home or into your space, but we try to go a step further by finding out what really sets your little space off separately,” McConnell said. “Our motto around here is ‘Plants Make People Happy.'”

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