Video: Ole Miss freshman is already a licensed professional

Rhylan Hillis
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Lilli Jones, from a small-town in southeast Missouri, is a freshman at the University of Mississippi. But she is already a licensed cosmetologist who does eyelashes and hair, nails and spray tans.

“There is a vocational school in my hometown, Poplar Bluff, Missouri,” Jones said. “My junior year of high school, I got all of my high school credits finished, and my senior year, I got accepted into the cosmetology program. So, I got to go there every day and graduate high school receiving my cosmetology license.”

Mission 6 Photo (Rhylan Hillis)

Lilli Jones’ cosmetology license. Photo by Rhylan Hillis.

Jones decided to attend college at Ole Miss, where she is majoring in business.

“I have always wanted to go to college and receive a bachelor’s degree in business,” she said. “I thought cosmetology was a great way I can express how I can be a great business woman. So, I thought being able to run this business would give me a great advantage in the business world.”

Along with being a determined young businesswoman, Jones is also passionate about her work. She loves to make others feel great about themselves and help them express their own kind of beauty.

“I have a passion and love for the cosmetology side of it,” she said. “I love making others feel better about themselves in their own unique way.”

Mission 6 photo (Rhylan Hillis)

Lilli Jones doing hair at Hotty Toddy Tan. Photo by Rhylan Hillis.

Jones strives to make her clients happy. She wants to make sure they are satisfied with her work.

“Lilli is very good at what she does because she is a perfectionist,” said Olivia Nash, one of her clients. “She won’t let you walk out of the salon until she is 100 percent satisfied with her work. She wants to make sure that you’re happy, but it is also very important that she is happy.

Jones is young and fresh with new ideas. She is empathetic towards her clients as she seeks to help her clients before she helps herself.

“My favorite part about cosmetology is making people feel their best,” she said “You can’t compare your beauty to someone else because no one is the same. And, helping them [my clients] change that mindset in any service is really my favorite part.”

Mission 6 photo. (Rhylan Hillis)

Final product of Jones’ work. Photo by Rhylan Hillis.

Jones continues to practice at Hotty Toddy Tan in Oxford.

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