Video: Ole Miss student’s love of art inspired by dad

Meg Brashears
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Alden McInnis, is an Ole Miss sophomore and art major. She is an artist like her dad, Winn McInnis, who was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Winn was introduced to art at a young age, but realized he had potential in second grade. He loved to draw in his sketchbooks during his free time in high school, but thought of it more as a hobby than a job or future career.

Throughout his years in school, he enjoyed painting and drawing, ,but after high school, he slowed down because he didn’t have enough extra time to do it.

As life went on, he stopped doing art all together to focus on his family and job. That is when his daughter, Alden, developed a passion for art.


When Alden was little, she and her siblings found one of her dad’s sketchbooks from high school. She was mesmerized by her dad’s art and always wondered why he never pursued it.

She always caught herself sneaking around and looking through the book and began to realize she wanted to try art. Ever since then, she has looked up to her dad because they had a special bond about art.


When Alden was in high school, she took many art classes to see if she had potential to be an artist. This made her decide to pursue art after high school, unlike her dad.

She is studying to earn a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree taking several classes, such as sculpting, painting and drawing. Alden loves what she does, and she shares her love of art with her dad.


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