Video: Oxford artists are making a colorful statement

Brooke Atkinson
Oxford Stories

Nicole Lamar is an Oxford artist who studied art at the University of Mississippi. Originally from Dallas, she loved her new home so much, she decided to remain here to raise her family.

Lamar has four children and one is also an artist. Giles Lamar is a sophomore at Ole Miss. Nicole and Giles have a similar contemporary style. Both are free-spirited and love color.

Nicole’s style is whimsical and lighthearted. She refers to her work as “imperfect” and “always fun.” Giles’ style is more masculine and bluesy, with a musical message behind his work.

Their mediums and techniques are also similar. Both mother and son practice abstract work, using acrylics and spray paint. They incorporate almost anything they find that could add something unique to their artwork.

Both artists said they paint on anything and sometimes use their hands and fingers instead of paint brushes. Together, their loose, colorful style makes a fun, colorful painting that relates to the people who adore their art.

As I watched them paint, Nicole said she and Giles begin by lying their canvas on the ground. Next, they crouch down, and stretch over of the canvas to begin their painting. While watching them lean over their project, both Nicole and Giles tucked one hand behind their backs and painted with the other. It was fascinating to watch them both paint in this unconventional way. Nicole’s art is on display in Oxford Floral, and Giles’ art hangs along the walls of Sip Oxord!

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