Meet our 2019 Spring Oxford Stories Reporters

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Karl Krynen

Karl Krynen, 19, is a sophomore at the University of Mississippi who is in the process of earning a degree in IMC. Some of his favorite activities include spending time with friends and playing basketball at the Turner Center.

He is well known for his good sense of humor and warm personality. Krynen loves to put a smile on another person’s face, especially if they are having a bad day.

Krynen was a captain of the basketball and swimming teams in high school. He also spent time as a member of the sailing, tennis, and cheer teams.

Krynen loves travel because of the many trips he has taken with his family. Although New Orleans is his favorite city, some of his favorite places to travel to are New York City and Amsterdam. He also enjoys visiting Breckenridge, Colorado, where he hones his skills on the snowboard.

He hopes to one day work as a sports analyst or reporter for a large sports news outlet, such as ESPN or Sports Illustrated. Some of his idols include the late NBA courtside reporter Craig Sager and ESPN host Stuart Scott.

Susannah Eidt, 19, is a sophomore studying IMC and psychology. One can find her playing piano, cooking, teaching art classes to kindergarteners at her church, or taking photos for numerous associations and businesses in the local Northeast Mississippi area.

Eidt took numerous journalism, broadcasting, and writing classes in high school. She was a member of National Honors Society, Gamma Nu Beta, and many other academic clubs. She received the William Faulkner Award, the English Honor Society Award, and the Writer’s Rotary award at her senior banquet for her astounding writing abilities in her journalism and broadcast classes.

She assists in her hometown as a photographer for countless musical and entertainment events and her aunt’s magazine. When she went off to college, she was hoping she would be able to incorporate her love for writing and photography.

Along with photography, Eidt has a passion for music. While spending a great deal of her childhood in Nashville, Tennessee, the Ryman Auditorium easily became her second home. There she developed a deep attachment to music. She incorporates both of her passions by photographing dozens of concerts, music and entertainment events.

Her most prized photographs were the ones she snapped at the Bluebird Cafe’, listening to locals follow their dreams of becoming songwriters. She is positive about the future, and looks forward to exploring her passion of capturing the beauty in moments, no matter how big or small, even deeper over the next few years.

Danielle Wunder

Danielle Wunder, 18, is an Ole Miss broadcast journalism major from Reading, Pennsylvania about an hour away from Philadelphia, home of the Super Bowl Champions. Wunder has traveled 19 hours away from her home to follow her dreams of becoming a reporter.

Wunder was always quite the athlete from her young childhood up until her late teens. She was a sideline and competitive cheerleader since seventh grade and played soccer for 12 years before deciding to stop. After realizing how much she missed the fast pace of the sport, she decided to take up lacrosse for the first time her sophomore year of high school and fell in love.

Wunder has always been interested in a variety of sports. At one point, she was on two soccer teams and a cheer squad all at the same time. Sports have always consumed her life, and that’s something she never wants to change.

Wunder also always enjoyed writing throughout high school and became interested in journalism her senior year after taking a course called TV studio which allowed her to edit video and be in front of the camera for small projects. After being interviewed several times on national television for her high school cheer squads accomplishments, she became eager to be the one interviewing an athlete.

Wunder hopes to pursue her dream of eventually becoming a sports commentator with a focus on college football or baseball and she would love to cover high school or college cheerleading at the National championships.

Wunder has always had a great interest in observing player and coach relationships and understanding different coaching techniques. After being recruited by many schools for cheerleading, she decided to take a break from cheerleading due to a debilitating back fracture and attend Ole Miss because of their well known journalism program.

Wunder was looking for a change when deciding on a college and did not want to stay close to home. She wanted to branch out to see and experience new things. She is absolutely loving the South, yet finds herself missing the city often.

She was given the opportunity to cover a local high school football game in Oxford and make a highlight tape for the big game. She plans to eventually join the Ole Miss NewsWatch team, gain more experience and expand her horizons through journalism. She hopes to land a solid internship with a college sports program or news channel throughout her time here at Ole Miss with hopes of that leading to a solid job.

Jacob Wayne Wood, 33, is a sophomore psychology and liberal studies student. He holds an associate’s degree of applied science in business and marketing management technology from Itawamba Community College.

Wood has a passion for all things music. This has been a paramount life focus for him since age 14 when he first began playing guitar, which subsequently led to singing and writing original songs in his teens. He has original music available for downloads and streaming from online platforms such as Apple iTunes/Music & Spotify.

Anna Edwards, 21, is a junior majoring in art with an emphasis in graphic design. She has always loved Ole Miss and recalls fond childhood memories of cheering on the Rebels and visiting the beautiful town of Oxford with her family. She got the opportunity to attend the Lott Leadership Institute Summer Program in 2012, which helped make her college decision an easy one.

She is now a junior studying art, an interest she has had since visiting Italy for the first time nearly 10 years ago. Experiencing the incredible architecture and galleries filled with thousands of famous artworks inspired her to pursue a career in the arts. After graduating, she aspires to become a graphic designer.

Her other interests include collecting vinyl records, watching movies, and attending shows at local venues, such as Proud Larry’s. In May, she plans to study abroad for a month in Salerno, Italy to further her knowledge of the Italian language.

Torez Byrd, 19, is a sophomore. Born in Atlanta, he has always been able to exceed expectations. At a young age, his parents taught him how to become a respectable young man. Now at the age of 19, those same principles still apply.

With a mother in the military and father in design, he was able to learn from the strict, well-mannered traditions of the Army, and the free-spirited and creative traditions of an artist. He moved frequently as a child, spending significant time in Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, and Japan. Finally, during his freshman year, his mother retired and they settled down in Dallas, Texas in the town of Frisco.

There he became the person he is now. In high school, he was active in sports, football and track respectively, but knew he didn’t want a future in sports beyond high school. He landed in the middle of Ole Miss, originally as an aspiring psychologist, with a minor in journalism. He is now studying journalism, English and French.

Although he wants to ultimately go to law school at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, he sees journalism as an opportunity to grow as an intellectual and person. Journalism enables people to experience the world in a different light, and understand people’s’ experiences apart from your own. He believes this field will help him become a better writer, and a better lawyer.

He enjoys making people happy, and will go the above and beyond for the people who deserve it. Helping and putting smiles on people’s faces, are two of his favorite things. He may be new to Mississippi, but he is eager to get out in the community and impact lives of people that need the change, that deserve the change, and want the change. He is ready to get out and explore North Mississippi, learn the culture in a region, create great memories, great stories, and meet great people.

Sydney Claire Tucker, 20, is is majoring in IMC with a minor in business. She graduated high school early with honors. After beginning college, she signed with a modeling agency in New York and dropped everything to move to New Jersey.

She was living there pursuing modeling in New York for three months. She got to attend castings and maneuvered through the Big aAple all on her own. It was an amazing experience because, for once, she felt completely independent, but things eventually fell through, so she moved back home to Mississippi and re-enrolled in college.

She is now living on her own in her very first apartment here in Oxford while attending school here at Ole Miss. At first, it was a bit overwhelming, but she’s learning to adjust. In the meantime, she’s still pursing modeling and is now placed with an agency in Nashville, so she finds herself traveling there a lot for jobs and other things that come up.

She enjoys photography and travel, and also posts occasionally on her YouTube channel. She loves filming and editing. She has around 3,500 subscribers and typically posts videos pertaining to travel, modeling, and whatever else she feels like talking about or posting. She finds that having a platform/space, such as YouTube to post on, is very therapeutic.

Benedra Gary, 20, is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in school counseling. Her hobbies are reading, writing and singing in choir. She began reading at a young age. This summer, she plans on doing an internship in Orlando as a communicator in the Disney College Program. After graduating, she plans on moving to Atlanta or Orlando.

Tori McCown

Tori McCown, 19, is majoring in journalism with a minor in environmental science. Growing up in Fairhope, Alabama, Tori developed an interest in local and national news and frequently followed both through the paper and social media. She developed a love for writing through research essays for her classes and personal essays, both of which she has made available for public consumption since 2015.

Her research essays included a fiercely passionate narrative while still maintaining a sense of unbias towards the division of opinion over said topic, while personal essays exuded a relatable feeling to readers, but also a sense of individuality. It was through writing that Tori could both relinquish individual grievances and focus her attention towards problems of a national scale.

Coupled with her interest in the news itself, writing lead to journalism. It was because of this that, at age 15, Tori decided to major in journalism. She also hoped, and still hopes, to use journalism to advance her ability to write in a more diligent manner, and accurately cover important events for the general public.

Other than writing, Tori enjoys morning walks to Uptown Coffee, where she drinks Earl Grey tea, working out at the Turner Center and Orangetheory, hanging out with her sorority sisters, and discovering new music.

After college, Tori said she plans on attending law school to become an environmental lawyer, working with nonprofits to advocate for the Earth’s wellness and aiding lawmakers in the creation of new statewide restrictions and creative solutions for the current environmental epidemic.

She said she made this decision after witnessing the atrocities of animal cruelty and unsustainable practices in her hometown and at a local restaurant she worked at for a year. Through the study of journalism, Tori hopes to use the skillsets of a journalists to aid in her intellectual ability to become a lawyer. In terms of writing specifically, it has always been an intense passion of hers, and she plans to use her written voice for the rest of her life, whether it’s for work or play.

Cameron McCreight

Cameron McCreight, 20, is a sophomore from Atlanta. She has a younger brother who is a senior in high school and a dog that she absolutely adores. She is majoring in journalism after changing from IMC and minoring in public relations. She has been involved with journalism since her junior year of high school, where she was a part of the yearbook staff.

Being involved in the yearbook staff allowed her to discvoer what she loved doing. She also played lacrosse all throughout middle school and high school. When she graduated from Lassiter High School, she decided to head to Ole Miss because she thought it would be a good fit for her and a chance to meet many new people because it is pretty far from home.

Her dream is to work in the music industry or be a host on E! News. She has always enjoyed music and attending concerts and has always been interested i the things that go on backstage.

She is very passionate about artists such as Niall Horan, Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. In high school, she was often invited to a local radio station, where she met some celebrities and was part of some marketing projects for the station. 

McCreight is also very interested in pop culture, fashion and social media trends. In her free time, she loves to watch YouTube videos and hang out with friends. She is a big fan of Coca-Cola, dogs, breakfast foods and Mexican food.

Her goals are to discover what she is passionate about and wants to do for a living, study abroad, meet a lot of friends, and take advantage of any opportunity she is presented. At some point in her life, she wants to learn how to surf and snowboard and visit Australia.

You can most likely find Cameron at any beach or somewhere sunny and warm. She hopes to one day live in California or New York to find a place in the music or entertainment industry.

Rachel DePaolo, 22, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, but relocated to Dallas, Texas at age 2. She is the second oldest out of six kids. She has an older sister, two younger brothers, and two younger sisters, giving her a very family-oriented, fun and busy environment.

At age 2, DePaolo got into every activity you can imagine, but her passion was competitive cheerleading, the perfect combination of gymnastics, dance and cheer. Competitive cheerleading consumed up to 20 hours of her week, but she did not mind because it was her passion.

DePaolo is a senior studying IMC with a specialization in public relations.  When deciding where going to college, she always thought she would end up in state, and out of state would never be an option. Once the end of junior year (11th grade) approached, she visited Ole Miss. It also was Double Decker weekend. After the visit, she knew this was the school of her dreams and home for the next four years.

She was also able to turn her dreams into a reality, making the Ole Miss Cheerleading squad her freshman year. She was on the first ever All-Girl Program at Ole Miss, the first ever All-Girl team to compete at college Nationals, and the first ever All-Girl Program to win a National Championship title for the University. She cheered for her freshman, sophomore, and junior years, but decided to turn in her pom-poms for senior year and focus on her studies.

Her plan is to graduate from Ole Miss in May and return to Dallas to pursue a job in sales. She aspires to assist a cheerleading team, small or large, competitive or school. She plans to continue to commit to health and fitness activities, making sure working out and eating clean is part of her daily routine.

Her dream job is to own her own gym attached to a restaurant that serves yummy, delicious, and healthy food. She wants to continue to serve on a team, and be part of something greater than herself, as she has been on a team her entire life. She wants to travel the world and see different cultures and experiences.

Ashley Miles, 20, is a junior studying political science with minors in journalism and general business. Miles is involved in many different things on campus including the Bipartisan Coalition and RASA, which stands for Rebels Against Sexual Assault.

Miles said working as a poll worker for the midterm elections was one of the most impactful things she has done at Ole Miss. “Watching only a part of the community come to their precinct and have a huge voter turnout was such a wonderful process to be a part of,” she said. “Also, seeing the election flaws firsthand was very eye-opening.”

Last summer, Miles went to Washington, D.C. to specifically study campaigns and elections. She had the opportunity to ask elected officials, firms, and news outlets their opinions and influence during campaigns and elections.

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Miles plans to attend graduate school for political science with a specialization in either campaigns or public relations. After that, she wants to move to Washington, D.C. after graduation to work for the Bipartisan Policy Center or become a campaign manager.

Will Corley

Will Corley, 19, is a sophomore public policy leadership and journalism double-major. He graduated from high school as the senior class president. He said he decided to go into journalism because of its allegiance to truth and knowledge. His experience as yearbook editor in high school also developed his love for journalism and writing. He hopes to combine his passion for policy and journalism in his future career in the D.C. area.

At the University of Mississippi, Corley is a sitting senator on the Associated Student Body Senate, where he serves the School of Liberal Arts. He is also a member of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College and the Lott Leadership Institute. 

He enjoys volunteering with Leap Frog, an after-school tutoring program, and going to concerts on the Square. He also works with Campus Recreation as a lifeguard and aqua aerobics instructor.

In his free time, you can find him watching bad reality television or driving around Oxford blaring the radio. His favorite artists are The Band Camino, Beyonce, and Fleetwood Mac. He loves anything that has to do with Ole Miss or Oxford, describing Oxford as his “second home.”

Kassidy Biss, 20, is a junior IMC major with an emphasis in public relations. Biss, who is also pursuing a minor in general business, works at Oxford and Lafayette County’s only local weekly news station, NewsWatch Ole Miss, as a Thursday evening anchor. She has been working at NewsWatch since her first semester at Ole Miss and plans to continue anchoring until she graduates.

Biss has held a variety of positions at NewsWatch, varying from anchor, digital content producer and executive producer. Biss is also a Luckyday Scholar and a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society.

Additionally, she enjoys spending time with animals. Biss has a dachshund, a great dane and four guinea pigs: Sherpa, Neo, Tofu and Mohawk. She considers herself an avid dog mom to her 14 year-old dachshund, Star, and 2 year-old great dane, Scout.

In her spare time, Biss is an enthusiastic gamer. She uses her Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch to play her favorite games and unwind after a long day. She is a  member of the Ole Miss E-Sports Club. She enjoys visiting Oxford’s game and hobby shop stores, Gamerz Den and Bad Eddy’s, to participate in weekly sessions of the tabletop game, Dungeons and Dragons.

Biss loves the creative storytelling aspect of the game and cherishes the daring adventures and unique worlds. She can also be spotted at her favorite place to eat, South Depot Taco Shop on the Square.

Brady McGee

Brady McGee, 19, is a freshman majoring in journalism from Baltimore, Maryland. He was persuaded to start journalism his first year of high school by his older sister, a journalism and political science major at Ole Miss, and hasn’t looked back since.

Always having a strong interest in writing and looking for an outlet to express that, he quickly became involved in the journalism program at his school and began writing his own column, usually focused on sports.

 McGee stayed active as a reporter for his school paper from freshman year, all the way up to his senior graduation. Some of his favorite stories involve features focusing on the popularity of chewing tobacco around his school, the rise to prominence of Juuls in the high school scene nationwide, and a gushing movie review for “La La Land,” a sharp deviation from his usual sports column.

 Despite being from the Northeast, McGee much prefers warm weather and sunny days, saying he would live on the beach if he could. Attending an SEC school was always his goal, finally deciding on Ole Miss after visiting his sister a few times and falling in love with the campus.

 McGee is a member of the Ole Miss Lacrosse team and frequents the Turner Center playing basketball. If he isn’t watching, playing, or writing about sports, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, adding to his vintage jersey collection, and rewatching episodes of his all time favorite show, “Game of Thrones.”

Alexandra Nicole, 21, is a junior majoring in IMC with a minor in legal studies. She was born in Watertown, New York, but moved around a bit as a result of being an Army brat. Her family has settled in the Washington, D.C. area, and that is now where she calls home.

When Alex visited Ole Miss her junior year of high school, she fell in love, but ultimately decided to continue pursuing a career in dance. For that reason, she began her college career at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, after persistent injuries and careful consideration she has had to retire from dance. She transferred to Ole Miss in the fall of 2017 and never looked back.

Alex is involved in multiple off campus internships and a few campus organizations. She is a member of the Rebels for Suicide Prevention club on the UM campus. She is also a part of The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Alexandra has an internship with Graver Agile Innovations, a government contracting agency, as their social media coordinator and an internship with Campaign Solutions, an award-winning online advertising agency based out of Alexandria, Virginia.

Alex has many interests, including photography, reading, music, yoga and/or her longtime passion for dance, and she is always looking for the next thing to occupy her free time. She has recently began learning Italian, plans to visit Verona again one day and speak the language as fluently as possible. She is also obsessed with all things travel. One of her long-time goals is to visit Australia.

With a passion for fashion, she hopes to one day travel the world doing what she loves and bringing other people joy through clothing.

Jared Poland

Jared Poland, 20, is a sophomore IMC major focusing on public relations with a minor in economics. He is a native of Chattanooga, and spent much of his youth in the mountains hiking and enjoying the views of the Tennessee Valley. During his time in Chattanooga, Poland enjoyed being involved in the YMCA Center for Civic Engagements, youth in government and model United Nations conferences.

Poland spent, two years working as a camp counselor at Camp Big Fish in Chattanooga. He learned a lot about himself during this time. He was responsible for leading and instructing children through games, tasks, and devotionals. Though his time working with children was very intrical to the development of Poland’s character, he decided it was just a stepping stone to something greater.

Poland, decided to migrate from the mountains to the flat agricultural land of Mississippi for his undergraduate education. As a freshman, Jared studied in the prestigious Croft Institute of International Studies where he discovered his deep interest in public relations. This new fascination with brands and how they are able to utilize PR to promote their identity pushed Poland to new frontiers. Following this discovery, he decided to shift his studies to focus on public relations and marketing.

When not working, you can often find Poland on the golf course with his grandfather, or on the Square exploring the many shops and restaurants, trying to discover unique new-experiences.

He also enjoys traveling throughout the Southeastern United States, visiting different small towns and cities to gain knowledge and insight into their history and culture. This interest in culture stems from his past experience in mock government and an underlying urge to connect with people and hear their stories.

This passion for people and connection has been a cornerstone to the way Poland approaches his work. He spends countless hours trying to find the best way to truly connect with people and how to give them what they truly want.

Aniesha Mason

Aniesha Mason, 20, is a junior IMC major with a minor in radiology sciences and general business. She wants to move to Texas and start her career there. Everything takes time and patience, and you cannot expect for all of your plans to play out exactly how you want them from the beginning. Mason said she knows with her faith in God and the support of her family, anything is possible. She is excited about her future.

Kendrick Pittman

Kendrick Pittman, 24, born and raised in Hesterville, Mississippi. He is the youngest brother of five stellar young men all raised by their single mother. Kendrick played football and was member of the band in high school. He was also a honor student and was awarded the Teacher’s Choice Awards two years in a row.    

He recently graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in IMC and minor in business administration, but has decided to complete his emphasis in public relations to better market himself. Kendrick is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

He participated in the Most Outstanding Scholastic Talent Conference for black minority students from across Mississippi. After two years of being part of the conference, an award was named after him called the Kendrick Pittman Leadership Award. This award recognizes a student mentor who shows exceptional qualities of leadership, mentorship, relentless perseverance to achieve goals and push students to become the best they can be.

He also was part of a campaign to extinguish stereotyping that won several awards, including one the most prestigious awards for public relations called a  Silver Anvil Award. He’s currently working on earning his insurance and real estate license. He also wants to start a non-profit organization called Second Chance for the homeless. He said his fear of failure and hunger for success drives him.

Mackenzie Taylor

Mackenzie Taylor is from Houston, Texas and is freshman at Ole Miss. Mackenzie is a journalism major and hopes to one day go into fashion journalism in New York City and work for Vogue.

Taylor is an avid clothing addict and spends most of her time online shopping, reading fashion magazines and sketching designs. She is also minoring in digital media and loves working with computers. She loves photography and working with PhotoShop in her free time. During high school, she was part of the yearbook committee and feels it fueled  her love for journalism and media.

She enjoys working out at the Turner Center every day and doing Hotworx. She was a cheerleader for 13 years until she came to college. She cheered competitively for many years and got the chance to travel all around the U.S. competing in cheer competitions. It started her love for travel and adventure. She loves the beach and tries to spend her summer traveling to different beaches. Her current favorite is the Cayman Islands. If she’s not at the beach, she’s at the lake. She loves boating, water skiing, wake boarding, tubing and enjoying the sun.

When she was little, she always thought she would end up at college in Arizona and California so she could enjoy the warm weather and fun in the sun yearround. It wasn’t until October of her senior year that she started to research SEC schools. After visiting Ole Miss, she was in love. She loved how nice and welcoming everyone was.

Her favorite place was the campus and Square because they made her feel so peaceful and at home even though home was far away. She cancelled all other tours and decided Ole Miss was the place for for her. She has no complaints and is so happy she came here.

Taylor has made many great friends and found so many fun things to do. One of her favorite things is attending sporting events. Her sports addiction started because she is a diehard Houston Texans and Rockets fan and tries to never miss a single game.

She was also a big Clemson and Texas A & M football fan before she came to Ole Miss, but now it’s all about the Rebs. She loves football and basketball games most, but is excited for baseball games. Overall, Taylor is excited to write for Oxford Stories and hope this will help prepare here for her journalism dreams in New York City one day.

Stephen Bankhead is a journalism major with emphasis in broadcast. This is his first semester at Ole Miss He attended Hinds Community College in Raymond before transferring. Even though this is his first time living in Oxford, he knows the area well. He is originally from the Memphis area.

As a young boy, he has always loved the sports. His two favorites are football and basketball. Being on the smaller side of the weight scale, didn’t stop him from playing football. He looked up to one of the best players in NFL history, Mississippi native Jerry Rice. He was a role model and the reason Bankhead played the position wide receiver.

Over time, he became more emerged in sports culture. He watched talk shows, listened to analysts, and studied sports concepts. Once he saw that he could not play football on a college level, he had to reevaluate his passion. 

Bankhead began to look at people in the sports world like Trey Wingo, Skip Bayless, and his favorite Stephen A. Smith. It became clear that you don’t have to play sports to talk sports. He chose Ole Miss over other schools because of the great things he heard and saw while touring there. He intends to take advantage of the resources presented to him.

Whether it’s becoming a sports anchor, sports correspondent, or hosting a  sports talk show, his academic goal is to graduate on the Dean’s List and with honors. He understands that in life nothing is given to you. He knows you get back what you put in, and he is more than ready to start his journey. His dream goal is to work for ESPN, the NFL network, or Fox Sports. With the support of his friends and family, one day it will all be reality.

A.J. Norwood

A.J. Norwood, 19, is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. He dreams of becoming a professional broadcaster. Norwood played football and soccer while contributing to the TV News Journalism Team organization. He graduated near the top of his class with honors.

In his spare time, Norwood likes to play soccer, video games, work out at the the gym with his friends, and travel with his family. He enjoys competing online against random players on Madden, FIFA, and 2K. His favorite food is pasta, and he loves to eat Oby’s and Insomnia Cookies whenever he gets the chance. However, he is a picky eater. He does not eat seafood, ice cream, or popsicles.

Norwood enjoys watching his favorite NFL team, the New York Giants, and his favorite NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. He also aspires to one day get involved in professional photography because of his love for taking pictures of good scenery. He has become very active on campus throughout his freshman year.

Since coming to the University of Mississippi, Norwood has become a member of the Associated Student Body Freshman Forum, the Black Student Union (BSU), and the LuckyDay Success Program. He is also a sports anchor for NewsWatch Ole Miss where he hopes to sharpen his skills to further help him on his journey to becoming a professional broadcaster.

He also plans to study abroad before his junior year. After Norwood graduates in 2022, he plans to go to law school in Alabama while also pursuing a career in journalism. He intends to work on ESPN one day.

His main goal is to be successful and travel the world in the future while also having a positive impact on every person he encounters. One fun fact that many people don’t know about Norwood is that he enjoys singing. He also traveled the world when he was in the seventh and eighth grade doing public speaking competitions.

Emma Doherty, 18, is a University of Mississippi student pursuing a degree in integrated marketing communications and a minor in business. Born in Boston, she moved around a bit when she was young, living in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even Paris.

Eventually, at the age of 6, she moved to and stayed in a suburb of Atlanta. Growing up, she was interested in photography, owning four different cameras. After taking AP photography in high school, she realized she wanted to have a career that involved photography, and she wanted to major in marketing or journalism.

After discovering IMC, Doherty was drawn to Ole Miss right. She realized sports marketing was a job that would suit her interests and talents. Coming from right outside of a large city (Atlanta), documenting and photographing daily events was something that happened daily. While home, you can find her exploring downtown, usually at or around the historic areas.

One of her favorite places to go is the High Museum. By switching out exhibits frequently, there is always something new to discover. Her favorite place to visit is Paris, because she has many family members who live there. Due to her love of Europe, she is planning to join a group of IMC students on a trip to spend a semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Spending time abroad is something she is very passionate about and she fully intends to make the most of her travels.

Her dream job is working for the PGA in some way preferably in a marketing. To achieve this goal, she intends to put her education first, focusing on her schoolwork and community work through her sorority.

She will be persistent, ambitious, driven and hold a strong work ethic. Although there will be a lot of work, creating a career that is enjoyable and fun will be worth it in the long run.

Clay Gentry, 21, grew up a Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators fan before becoming a Rebel at the University of Mississippi. His favorite hobby from age 4 has been playing baseball at all levels, from little league to travel ball to high school.

As a native Nashvillian, Clay enjoyed the music he grew up with and did not have to go far to see some of his favorite artists. Country music is a way of life in Nashville, and some of his favorite memories are the sounds of Kenny Chesney, Eric Church and Florida-Georgia Line played over the huge speakers during every high school baseball practice. The speakers were on full blast as soon as class ended in the spring until the cleats were hung back in the lockers at night.

Whenever Clay returns home, either on the weekends or during the summer, he revisits the bars and restaurants on Broadway in downtown Nashville, where country music singers get their start.

Clay is a middle child with two brothers, one 22 and the other 12, rounding out the Gentry family. Clay enjoys spending time with his two dogs, Rebel and Rowdy.

Clay is a junior working toward a degree in sports and recreation administration with a minor in journalism. He hopes to return to Nashville to work for one of the major sports franchises. Until then, Clay is glad to be an Ole Miss Rebel and is ready to watch some baseball games from right field at Swayze Field.

T’aja Cameron, 19, is a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in sociology and education. Raised in Atlanta, she is a student athlete and transfer student from Jacksonville University. Although life as a student athlete is challenging, her goal is to leave a mark as an athlete and be the first college graduate in her family.

Cameron enjoys shopping and creating iconic fashion outfits. Her main hobbies are cooking and binge watching shows on Netflix, such as “Grey’s Anatomy. She loves to travel and hopes to become a sports analyst or a creative innovator for ESPN or Nike.

Austin Genova, 22, is from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Within a year of his birth, his parents moved to North Carolina. He has lived in four states and moved more than 10 times, even attending three high schools his freshman year.

enova, who grew up in Virginia, is studying journalism with a specialization in sports promotions and communications. Growing up, he played sports year-round. From ages 5-19,  he played football, basketball, baseball, and golf, even signing an athletic scholarship to play baseball in college as an award-winning athlete. One of his favorite activities is attending Memphis Grizzlies games.

In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, going to breweries, and playing golf. As a true music nerd, he’s a die-hard Travis Scott fan and also loves Future, Migos, Chris Brown, John Mayer, and Dave Matthews Band. His plan is to become a sports commentator or reporter. One of his sports idols is Colin Cowherd, who hosts his own sports radio show broadcast on Fox Sports One. Austin is confident his recent switch to journalism will pay off, and he hopes to lead a successful career in the booth, sideline or studio.

Caroline Nihill, 18, is a freshman journalism major and political science minor originally from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia. Nihill came to Mississippi for a change of scenery and adventure. She is an ambassador for the School of Journalism and New Media. Her love for learning and writing, along with brief involvement in her high school newspaper led her to pursue journalism.

When she is not studying in the library or working on assignments, Nihill reads, writes and spends times with friends and family. She enjoys reading fiction. Her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Other favorite authors include Rupi Kaur, E.E. Cummings and Tennessee Williams.

Nihill’s love for theatre and the arts began when she was younger watching musicals with her grandmother. After seeing “Phantom of the Opera,” she was hooked. Though she is not pursuing theatre, she finds storytelling exciting. She is happiest when collaborating with others, finding new ways to express things, and expanding her knowledge on current events.

Breyton Moran, 18, is a UM freshman studying to earn his bachelor’s degree in print journalism with a double-minor in professional writing and political science. Moran graduated in the top in his class and was involved in many clubs and organizations, including student council, National Honor Society and BETA Club, holding leadership positions in most.

He spent most of his afternoons participating in performing arts. Over the past two years, he has rediscovered his passion for theatre and performance, securing leads in several productions. A Provost Scholar and Golden Key Honors Member, Moran works hard. He wants to attend Tulane University after graduation to study law and become an immigration attorney to fight the “voiceless” fight of the millions around the country. He also has a twin sister.

Lacie Bartlett, 20, is a transfer junior. The Alabama native spent one year at Wallace State Community College graduating with a bachelor’s degree in general studies. She has been infatuated with Ole Miss and their cheerleading program since she was a little girl. She dreamed of becoming an Ole Miss cheerleader. After one year of serving as the captain of the cheerleading squad at Wallace State Community College, she became an Ole Miss cheerleader.

Bartlett recently changed her major from biology to general studies with minors in journalism, education and business. She is well rounded and time-oriented. People recognize her for her ambitious drive and outgoing personality. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in elementary education or broadcast meteorology. She is passionate about children and hopes to work with them at some point in her career.

Bartlett worked as a head cheerleading coach for four years at a local gym in her hometown. She enjoys serving others and spending time with friends and family on the lake. When she is not at cheer practice or working out, she can be found doing homework with a coffee in hand. She loves binge-watching “The Bachelor” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Family is first on Bartlett’s list, so she takes several trips back home throughout the semester. Often referred to as a “social butterfly,” Bartlett loves meeting new people and establishing new relationships.

Ryan Martino, 22, is a UM senior finishing a degree in sports management. The Manasquan, New Jersey native comes from a big family of two brothers, four sisters and eight dogs. In New Jersey, he was accepted into an engineering academy where he played lacrosse and football, excelling in both. He attended UM because his brother graduated from UM in 2015.

He said growing up in a family of athletes and playing sports since age 3 made him develop a “never quit” attitude. Martino has been described as a hardworking, passionate, and outspoken person who isn’t afraid to take the lead and make decisions for the better of his team.

In his leisure time, he enjoys surfing, snowboarding and off-roading. He believes in meeting as many people as possible  because it keeps life interesting, and you can meet some pretty incredible people along the way.

Ginger Stephens, 21, is majoring in integrated marketing communications with a minor in business administration and a specialization in public relations. She is the oldest of six siblings and has cheered competitively since she was 6. In 2016, Stephens began working for Universal Cheer Association and Varsity Spirit as an instructional staff member. Throughout the summer, Stephens travels throughout the Mid-South teaching cheer camps to middle school and varsity spirit squads. Stephens hopes to continue working for UCA and Varsity Spirit after graduation. She has also considered going to law school and becoming a defense attorney.

Stephens grew up playing softball and basketball. She cheered and ran track. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, taking naps, and watching Ole Miss sports. Her favorite time of the year is football season in the Grove. She also loves to travel. She has been to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and France.

She has helped conduct self-esteem and anti-bullying workshops. She also works with Prevent Child Abuse of America and has helped raise more than $2 million to benefit child abuse prevention efforts. She also enjoys competing in pageants. Last year, she competed in the Miss Mississippi United States pageant. She has also competed in the Ole Miss Parade of Beauties the past two years, and will compete again in February.

Mallori Baker, 19, is a freshman broadcast journalism student from Lake Oswego, Oregon. She traveled 2,000 miles from home hoping to become a reporter. Mallori has dreamed of living in the South since she was little. Her favorite movie is “Gone With the Wind.”

Before this year, Baker had never lived anywhere besides Oregon. Now that she has left, she said she never wants to go back. After graduation, she hopes to move to Nashville. She loves being surrounded by friends and family, and binge-watching crime documentaries and murder mysteries. She is fascinated with crime and mystery and wants to possibly become an investigative reporter.

Baker is also obsessed with sweets and loves to take trips to new dessert places. She especially loves milkshakes and donuts. She spent all of middle school and high school on a competitive dance team. Although she didn’t pursue dancing in college, she loves to cheer on the Rebelettes at sporting events and takes dance classes at her old studio when she’s home. She hopes to study abroad her junior year to gain more appreciation for the world and other cultures.

Cameron Fronk is a Fort Worth native majoring in broadcast journalism. She aspires to become the next Erin Andrews working as a sideline reporter for ESPN, the SEC network or Fox Sports. In her hometown, she was involved in theatre, cheerleading and the National Honor Society.

Fronk loves storytelling and sports. Her father played for Texas A&M. She loves traveling with family. They have been to most states and multiple countries. She hopes to study abroad in London, New York City or Australia and inspire others through writing and creativity. She loves to volunteer with her sorority, explore new restaurants, learn new Lafayette County traditions, and spend time getting know other students on campus.

Clay Gentry 21, is from Nashville. He grew up playing baseball from ages 4-18. Clay has two brothers, 22 and 12. He has two dogs, Rebel and Rowdy, and he’s a fan of Vanderbilt University.

Robbie Williams, 19, is a freshmen double majoring in biology and French. When Williams attended the Trent Lott Leadership Institute’s summer college program, he knew he wanted to attend Ole Miss.

Williams has always been a beam of energy. From a young age, he’s had a passion for creating. He finds joy sharing his experiences through storytelling and healthy laughter. While navigating his younger years, enjoyed participating in events like beach clean-ups, community area restorations, and multiple leadership camps/programs. He hopes to serve the community through connections made through his writing.

Everyone is given a gift, and each day, they have countless opportunities to make someone’s day better or easier by sharing it. Williams believes being able to effectively communicate accurate and wholesome news impartially is the most important aspect of a healthy community. He hopes to major in broadcast journalism or integrated marketing communications.

Although he once had a dream of becoming an ophthalmologist, he has discovered the impact journalism has on the world around him. Journalism protects and serves the people by giving them a right to factual information. Journalism is a key connector between many groups of people. It offers different angles and perspectives. He is eager to serve this community and hopes to spread, knowledge and happiness throughout his journey as a reporter with Oxford Stories.

Alli George, 22, is a senior integrated marketing communications major minoring in business administration and specializing in public relations. George is originally from Wilmington, Delaware, but has found a second home in the South.

She has had two marketing internships. This past summer, she interned at Shipley Enterprises in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a design and event promotion company. She also launched and ran all social media accounts and created and ran their website.

George has plans to attend West Chester University in Pennsylvania next year to pursue her MBA. One day, she would love to work for a large company like Amazon. After school, she plans to apply to agencies and marketing departments in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

George began her Ole Miss career as a public policy leadership student who wanted to run political campaigns. However, after just one semester, it became evident that running marketing campaigns was more her style. From writing press releases to editorials, she loves to help highlight stories and educate people about news and current events. Some areas she still hopes to improve are graphic design and video editing.

George is nervous to graduate, but excited to see what the next steps of her future have to offer. While Ole Miss will be greatly missed, she is happy she decided to step out of her comfort zone and move to Mississippi. She made friends who turned into family, found a passion for marketing, and made good memories along the way.

Hannah Grace Levins, 18, is a freshman majoring in public policy and leadership with public relations. She aspires to become a communications director for a notable politician. Levins hopes to make a positive impact on Mississippi government after college.

During her first year at Ole Miss, she immersed herself into the campus and Oxford community. She has a passion for helping others and making the world a little better than she found it. She is a member of the Freshman Forum and College Republicans.

During her free time, you can find Levins reading/writing poetry, watching Netflix, and getting involved in her sorority; Alpha Phi. She loves spending time with roommates and traveling to new places. She hopes to visit every country one day and make the world better than she found it. 

Grayson Wolf, 19, is a sophomore political science major and journalism minor at the University of Mississippi. Having looked at several universities across the nation, such as New York University and George Washington University, Wolf ultimately decided to attend the Magnolia state’s flagship university to become a student in the university’s excellent political science program.

Wolf is involved in two prominent campus organizations – The Mock Trial Organization and Model United Nations. He has portrayed the roles of both the attorney and the witness for the Mock Trial competition. He will be traveling with the Model United Nations team to New York City to represent the school at the National Model United Nations conference, with schools from all over the world.

After graduating, he plans to attend law school. With a serious passion for politics, Wolf is never afraid to speak his mind on issues that matter. He stands proudly in support of the principles of individual liberty and constitutional rights that empower all Americans. Several of his most prominent political and philosophical influences include Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Candace Owens.

When he’s not in class, Wolf is typically either listening to episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast or thrifting for vintage clothing. He is an avid film buff, who can quote films, such as “The Big Lebowski” and “American Psycho” word for word. His favorite foods include Japanese hibachi and Italian food. You will often hear the artistic talents of Kanye West or Phil Collins blaring from his car’s speaker system.

He is also a devoted New England sports fan, rooting for teams such as the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics. His favorite sport is basketball, and he is never afraid to tell you why Michael Jordan is the GOAT. Wolf is enthusiastic about beginning his career in journalism through this course. He hopes to effectively apply the principles of journalism in the missions and challenges in the Oxford Stories newsroom.

Gray Houser is a public policy leadership major in the Trent Lott Leadership Institute and a member of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College. He isn’t the first in his family to attend the University of Mississippi. His great-grandfather, John “Kayo” Dottley, was a football star when he was at UM in the 1940s and still holds holds the single season rushing record of 1,312 yards.

Dottley’s children went to Ole Miss as did his grandchildren. A lifelong fan of news and politics, Houser is an avid reader, sometimes devouring multiple books worth of information in a day. He’s spent many a day watching, reading, and analyzing every news and thinkpiece he could get his hands on.

Not being able to sit still and simply watch, he has appeared on radio and TV, including an appearance on “The Glenn Beck Program.” He’s also attended multiple political rallies for a wide variety of causes, including pro-refugee events.

Houser loves theme parks, particularly Disney Parks, so much that in his free time, he runs, a news site dedicated to Disney Parks from Anaheim to Shanghai and hosts a weekly podcast, aptly named Monorail News Weekly. After attending Ole Miss, Houser intends to work in Washington, D.C. and put his degree to good use by trying to make our country a little bit better.

Ford Werness, 19, is from Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a journalism major and plans on becoming a sports analyst or broadcaster. Werness is also a quarterback on the Ole Miss Football Team and had a handful of football offers during his senior year of high school, but said he knew God was calling him to UM. Faith plays a huge role in his life, as he was raised in a conservative Christian home with his parents and older brother.

Werness was born in Atlanta and lived there until age 4. Though Atlanta was his place of birth, Raleigh is his home as he was raised in North Carolina for nearly 15 years. At 8, he began playing football. Before even playing his first game official game, he knew he was meant to play in the NFL.

Up until the age of 14, his life went exactly according to plan. He had a stellar youth career in football and an easy time in school. Though after an unexpected knee injury going into his sophomore year of high school, his perfect plan fell out of place. He was replaced after the injury and was not the same player he was before. While many people told him to give up the dream of playing college or professional football, Werness said he had an  unwavering doubt that no matter how bad a situation may look, God can turn it around in a heartbeat.

After a great senior season of hard work and perseverance, Werness earned the opportunity to play Division 1 SEC football at the University of Mississippi. Through the struggle of achieving his dreams, Werness learned  no one on Earth is more important than family, and with a selfless attitude and a heart full of faith, nothing is out of reach.

Mary Arden Guyton, 20, is a UM junior pursuing a degree in integrated marketing communication while minoring in business administration and specializing in public relations. Throughout her time at Ole Miss, Guyton has volunteered with The Big Event, the biggest service event in the community, and joined Chi Omega sorority.

She said the sorority has allowed her to become more involved in philanthropy organizations, such as the Make a Wish organization, the sorority’s main philanthropy. Guyton has become fond of this organization through watching young children’s wish come true at “Wish Reveals” held at the Chi Omega house.

Guyton loves the community aspect of sororities and enjoys getting to know the members. Guyton has always loved animals, and she spends most sunny afternoons walking around town with her 9-year-old lab retriever/chow mix, Abbey. She has volunteered at the local animal shelter.

Maddison Medina, 18, is a UM freshman studying political science and journalism with a Spanish minor. Her interests lie in politics and social issues. She hopes to one day work in Washington, D.C., whether that is through journalism or as a politician.

Medina is passionate about many social issues and hopes to use her education in to make a positive difference through policy change and volunteer work. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Medina, wanted to experience something completely different and unique during her time in college.

She traveled to the South for the first time on her initial visit to Ole Miss, and less than three months later, packed up and left California for Mississippi. Despite her busy schedule, Medina often tries to set aside time to be with friends and finds value in taking time to recharge and slow down, especially when life gets busy. She loves to spend her free time exploring Oxford and the South and tries to soak up her time at Ole Miss since it is so different from where she was raised.

Medina is a personal trainer and instructor at the Turner Center and loves working with clients to help them reach their goals of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. She also spends most of her afternoons at her Crossfit gym. Competing in Crossfit competitions, Medina feels happiest when she is alongside teammates striving to be her best and pushing herself to meet new goals, whether it’s a personal record on a lift, or a quicker workout time.

She is also an avid sports fan and can often be found yelling and cheering during a football game on Sundays or watching motorcycle racing on Saturday nights. She also enjoys being outdoors and participating in sports, whether it’s playing catch with friends or riding her motorcycle in the desert.

Anne Florence Brown

Anne Florence Brown, 20, is a UM sophomore from Tennessee. She is pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism while minoring in Spanish. At UM, she participates in Lambda Sigma Honors Society, leads with Lafayette Young Life, and is a member of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College.

On her best day, Brown can be found among the trees of Whirlpool Trails or steaming the milk for a blondie latte at Cups. She cares deeply for the Lafayette County community and the role college students play in the enigmatic small town of Oxford. Brown hopes to one day pursue a career in broadcast journalism through writing for foreign organizations to promote their business and ad campaigns.

Lindsly Penny

Lindsly Penny, 22, is a senior integrated marketing communications major at the University of Mississippi with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in business communications. She is a creative, passionate, and motivated student who enjoys working with teams and individually to create content that drives brand engagement through multiple media platforms.

She works as a social media manager for several accounts. In this position, she creates and curates content, works with a team to collaborate, plans and executes projects, and captures photos and videos at events. After graduation, she hopes to relocate to a city and find a job in marketing or in the entertainment industry.

When she is not working or at school, she enjoys doing yoga, reading, painting, and finding new music and fashion trends. Last summer, Penny traveled with the UM School of Journalism and New Media to Dublin, Ireland and took two 500 level IMC classes from university professors. Because of this experience, she made many connections in the school of journalism and is now taking a competitive IMC campaigns class.

Nicklaus Kosla, 19, is from Arlington Heights, Illinois. He transferred to Ole Miss in the fall of 2018 from Xavier University to seek a degree in journalism. He is a entrepreneurship minor. Since he was 8, he began taking stats for every sporting event he watched on television. Kosla wants to one day to work on an ESPN network co-hosting Sports Center. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, particularly soccer, football and basketball.

Every weekend in the fall, Kosla spends his days binge watching football, and by the time winter rolls around, he is onto college basketball.

Kosla loves country music. Some of his favorite artists are Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and Thomas Rhett. In the future, Kosla, plans to travel all over the United States. He would love to go on a very long road trip all over the country with his brother and sister.

Growing up in Chicago, most of his family lives in Ohio, so it forced him to travel often. That is one of the reasons he wanted to transfer to Ole Miss, because he wanted to see parts of the country he most likely wouldn’t go to.

This semester, Kosla, plans on getting more involved, if it’s working at the golf course or joining club soccer. He loves to stay active, and enjoys volunteering in Oxford.

He also likes to play video games. His favorites are Madden 19, NBA 2K19, and Fortnite. Kosla is competitive, almost to the extreme. He hates losing in anything. He also enjoys being a role model.

Will McAllester, 19, was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. He later mved to Naples, Florida. Sandy beaches and beautiful skies were part of his childhood. He also became close with his grandmother and developed an obsession with dinosaur action figures.

His family later moved to Chattanooga and lived there 15 years, where he “formed friendships tighter than knots.” He began playing basketball in third grade during throughout high school.

He said Ole Miss has been his dream school since I was in the sixth grade. From the breathtaking scenery of the campus, to the Saturdays in the Grove, he said he loves everything about UM.

John McKinney, 20, is a sophomore studying journalism. Named after his grandfagther, a World War II refugee, John enjoys spending time with his grandfather by watching football and chatting. When he was younger, John enjoyed assisting his grandparents with their vegetable garden, harvesting everything from green beans to onions and carrots.

When he is not out shopping at Hinton and Hinton and eating Old Venice or Ajax with his friends in the Oxford Square, McKinney can be found in his shared apartment in downtown Oxford enhancing his writing skills or getting lost in his favorite video game – “Uncharted Two: Among Thieves.” 

McKinney enjoys relaxing hikes in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where he spends time with family and can get lost in the beauty of nature.  He also enjoys writing fictional short stories to explore the genres of horror and fantasy. When he isn’t with family or writing, he enjoys spending time in Oxford and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with his closest friends.  

His favorite sports to follow are Major League Soccer. His favorite teams include Atlanta United, Manchester United (English Premier League) and Major League Baseball teams including the Chicago Cubs.

He also enjoys watching the Ole Miss Rebels play football and baseball, along with the National Football League team the New Orleans Saints. He hopes to one day visit every Major League baseball field and offer a live report at a European soccer game.

His love for athletics came from his time running track in middle school and high school. He was also involved with his high school choir and mock trial organization. Through involvement with his local church, McKinney was actively involved in community service, where he spent time with elementary school students and special needs children.

He aspires to become a sports writer and pursue a career with widely known sports news network, Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.