Batesville’s Square Arts welcomes your creativity

Final Mission Photo - Rhylan Hillis Square Arts logo. Photo by Rhylan Hillis.

Rhylan Hillis
Oxford Stories

Everyone has a creative side and an artistic vision that sometimes needs guidance. Square Arts in downtown Batesville is the place to get it.

Square Arts is a unique place that sells unique gifts, and a place where you could bring children or adults to paint or play in clay,” said Maribeth Haire, who co-owns the store with her husband, Dr. Billy Haire. “We also host parties whether for children or adults. We have a variety of gifts made in Mississippi.”

The art parties are a simple way to gather with friends and express yourself. Square Arts provides the supplies.

“We offer painting on paper, on canvas, door-hangers, or ceramics,” said Haire. “We provide a place to paint and all materials, including an apron. We do not provide food, drink or decorations, but you can bring those in.

“You decide on a theme, and we can sketch out your idea and have it ready to paint. For clay, we have clay slabs rolled out for a predetermined item to be created.”

Final Mission Photo. By Rhylan Hillis

Final products of a kid’s painting party. Photo by Rhylan Hillis.

Customers can paint or mold clay into the design they have envisioned. The parties are for people of all ages. An elementary class can learn about art or it’s fun for a girls’ night out.

Final Mission Picture. Rhylan Hillis

Final products of a girl’s painting party. Photo by Rhylan Hillis.

Square Arts also sells art and clothing made in Mississippi. “The art is created by various artists, and some things can be custom done here in the store, such as furniture or canvas art,” Haire said. “Pottery, wooden creations, canvas art, unique jewelry, or whatever we can find unique and different, are the kinds of merchandise that are sold and bought here.” 

Final Mission Photo. Rhylan Hillis

Unique, Mississippi made art in Square Arts. Photo by Rhylan Hillis.

Haire said they encourage the creativity of their customers.

“We try to make them more confident in their creativity because,” she said, “like our art, each person’s individuality is unique and one of a kind. These parties should be fun and relaxing. We want to turn art into something people look forward to doing rather than something stressful.”

“I love this store, and they’ve been so nice to let my class come in and fire pottery,” said customer Anna Horton. “We are lucky to have them in Batesville.”

“It is a cute store with lots to see,” said customer Judy Savage. “The painting section is always fun to see what people have done.”

“It was a great place for fellowship with loved ones and friends,” said customer Montoya Armstead. “It also was easy to relax there. We had a great time and lots of fun. So much love was shown from everyone that was there.”

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