Madison native wants to make your home smart and EZ

Patel outside of the CIE

Robbie Williams
Oxford Stories

Humans often have big ideas and dreams that could change our lives forever. Some may think about these ideas for months or years without attempting them. But others, like University of Mississippi student Prahar Patel, boldly move forward pursuing their dreams.

The Madison, Mississippi native envisoned creating a home automation company. Now EZHOME Automation is a reality.

Patel, who has always been interested in technology, was immediately drawn to automation technologies. He thought he should invest in the idea after automating his parents’ home and receiving positive comments from family and neighbors.

He attended the University of Mississippi and reached out the school’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that helped him kickstart his company. “Everybody wants to have stuff automated for them,” he said. “The hardest part is doing it.”

One of his goals is helping people understand what automation is. With many easy-to-set-up devices, such as the Amazon Echo and Alexa, people often believe they are operating an automated home or space. That’s just the beginning.

“The real experience is when you walk into your living room and say, ‘Alexa, put on ‘House of Cards,” and your blinds close, your TV flips on, your surround sound gets going, the lamps turn on… all of that happens together.”

Patel, Prahar

Working in many different spaces, including churches, restaurants, schools, homes, Patel has created a sense of connectivity and swiftness for completing every day tasks. He has also provided more security for his clients.

“You can have security cameras, automated garage door openers . . . smart door locks, video doorbells,” he said, adding that he can install an automated door lock clients can control wirelessly to allow package deliveries into their home.

Today, there’s no need for a loyal guard dog when you can watch from your wireless automated home surveillance, also provided by Patel and EZHOME. He can also install and design automated menus, special boards and signs.

“Buy it all on your own,” he said, “but what we do is we provide, install, and integrate it all together – so you can just come home to a smart home. Integration is the hard part. We provide the products and even provide links to our bestselling products.”

Patel’s family members are his biggest motivators. “The entrepreneurial drive is definitely from my parents,” he said.

Patel beginning to outline his company and services for a presentation.

Patel said his company will offer lower prices than competitors and his work comes with a 90-day service warranty, along with one- to two-year warranties from the manufacturer.

Patel introducing prices

Patel charges $60 an hour for his work, which he says is lower than the industry average. He also provides technical maintenance plans.

The EZHOME team now includes Patel and a couple of his closest associates. He eventually wants to hire an administrator who can handle bookkeeping, office work and customer networking.

“There’s no need for headquarters or an office,” he said. “We are doing installations.” Products are custom-ordered and automated/integrated on site.

Patel said you’ll never know how successful you can be if you don’t try. The CIE can provide business information for those interested in starting their own company. He said he might not have accomplished his goal if he had attended a different educational institution.

“I feel comfortable enough in Oxford that I can do this,” he said. “It’s a small enough town that you have the confidence to do something new, and we’re bringing technology to Oxford.”

For more information, contact Patel here.

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