Oxford’s Board & Brush offers wine and woodworking


Cassidy Broadaway, owner of Board & Brush Creative Studio. Photo by Lacie Bartlett

Lacie Bartlett
Oxford Stories

Wine and art. It’s a trendy combination that has led to the creation of many businesses in the U.S. in the last few years.

Board & Brush Creative Studio at 1525 University Ave. is a different take on the traditional art business that allows customers to create their own artwork. Here, you can learn woodworking.

Owner Cassidy Broadaway instructs several classes per week on woodworking and painting.

“Board & Brush Creative Studio is a unique studio that allows people to learn the techniques of woodworking while creating a piece they are sure to love,” she said.

Wine and beer are available for purchase while you craft, but they have a strict policy prohibiting taking alcohol outside. Broadaway said they teach customers woodworking skills, such as sanding, staining and stenciling.

“Not only are customers having fun creating a unique wood portrait, they are learning in the process,” Broadaway said. “Every piece of art is going to look amazing, because you do not have the pressure to freehand the words. We create custommade stencils that you simply stick to the wood, paint over, and then pull off. It takes all the stress of creating a masterpiece away.”


Cassidy Broadaway woking hard on a new piece. Photo by Lacie Bartlett

Board & Brush Creative Studios is a franchise that began in the founder’s Wisconsin basement with now more than 230 locations. The purpose is to “turn anyone into a DIY master by educating people to understand and appreciate the beauty of raw materials – the wood, the knots, the color vibrations and the simple imperfections that will make any project unique.”

Broadaway attended a workshop in Arkansas and knew she had to open her own studio. “I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburg to obtain my degree in fashion and retail management,” she said, “so I had experience in the management side of business, but I never expected to open my own business.”


Getting ready to paint! Photo by Lacie Bartlett

Board & Brush Creative Studios has been open in Oxford for a year, and Broadaway said she’s learned a lot.

“I know what seasons are going to be busy and what months I might have downtime,” she said. “My focus is to create more business in the months we are slower right now.”

The studio has six part-time employees who help with workshops and other things. Workshops range from one hour to three hours. Kid workshops typically last one hour and cost $35. Adult workshops, $65, are more lengthy and come with larger wood portraits.


Board & Brush Creative Studio recently launched a new project for customers to participate in – doormats. For about $40, customers can create and design their own custom doormat. 

“I think the best thing about Board & Brush Creative Studio is giving people the ability to create something special that holds memories,” Broadaway said. “I recently hosted a 5-year-old girl’s birthday party. She had cancer. It was so heartwarming to see all of her friends and family doing something they all enjoyed. It was even more heartwarming to know they have this piece of wood to bring them wonderful memories the rest of their lives.”

Customer Carlee Hopping has enjoyed visiting. “This is a place you can go for any occasion to unleash your inner artist, even if you are not an artsy person.”

Local Ashley Gattis has also visited. “It is satisfying looking at the artwork when you are finished knowing that you created something so unique,” she said.

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