You can now drive through Oxford and get a daiquiri from a New Orleans-inspired business

The daiquiri selection and sizes. Photo by Rachel DePaolo.

Rachel DePaolo
Oxford Stories

Who Dat is a question you can now ask in Oxford.

Who Dat’s Drive-Thru & Bar, at 1412 Jackson Avenue, is a drive-thru daiquiri shop that opened in Oxford in February. Owner Wylie Coleman, who also owns part of King’s restaurant in Oxford, has brought a taste of New Orleans to Oxford.

The story behind the name goes back to Coleman’s upbringing. As a lifelong Ole Miss Rebel and New Orleans Saints fan, Oxford and New Orleans have always be special to him.

The name of the Oxford business comes from a specific story Coleman heard growing up about the Ole Miss vs. Tennessee game in Jackson. He said Tennessee fans came to the game with “Archie Who” pins and those words painted on their faces. That’s what Who Dat’s means to him.

Employee Avery Robinson hard at work. Photo by Rachel DePaolo.

The idea of a drive-thru daiquiri shop is unique, but Coleman, who has worked as a bus boy, manager, part business owner and owner took the challenge.

How the daiquiris are served. Photo by Rachel DePaolo.

“When there is a will there is a way,” Coleman said. “I will always go out of my way, even if it is in the simplest way. I was interested in the unique atmosphere of New Orleans. Growing up in Oxford and being an Ole Miss Rebel and New Orleans Saints fan my whole life, I had a connection to New Orleans and Oxford.

“Whenever somebody gets the opportunity to go to New Orleans or the Gulf Coast for a New Orleans Saints game, formal, Mardi Gras, or just for fun, it is an opportunity nobody wants to turn down. It is an environment that is free with passion, and I wanted to bring that to Oxford.”

Before Who Dat’s opened, Coleman did pop-up shops to see what daiquiris were hits and misses. Who Dat’s originally started with four to five daiquiri flavors, but now has up to 18, allowing customers to customize their daiquiris and even add candy.

“With just being drive-thru only right now, I am able to personally connect with the customers and see what they want more of, and be able to reach the fullest potential for the community,” Coleman said.

Who Dat’s is a free spirit, Bourbon Street, fun environment that welcomes everybody with a New Orleans feel. The inside is “Who Dat Nation.” Outside, you are on “Bourbon Street.”

Who Dat’s is open for drive-thru only Tuesday and Wednesdays from 10 a.m.- 10 p.m., Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m.- 11 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 9 p.m.

The restaurant hopes to add additional hours in the future and serve seafood, sausages, and steaks.

Restaurant owners are legally allowed to offer daiquiri’s via the drive-thru because they tape the top of the cup, making it a closed container when served. Business owners said the drinks cannot have more than 7 percent alcohol in them.

“I am an open book,” said Coleman. “We like to customize and do anything for everybody, with all the resources we have. I hope to host 400-500 people here, creating an environment that people miss, or claim as a heritage.

“I want to bring back the old concept of the beer drive-thru barn with that free environment feel. We hope to have the biggest patio in town and the largest wraparound deck in town. Right now, we are able to host about 300 people and hope to increase that by 200 people.”

Who Dat’s will offer daily deals, specials, memberships and rewards programs.

“We are going to do punch cards, happy hours, giveaways, multiple rewards systems that can be done at each transaction,” Coleman said. “Everything will be done electronically, Apple pay, and direct text for future announcements.”

Who Dat’s has an Instagram and Facebook account offering new specials and upcoming events.

Hurricane flavor Daiquiri with sour gummy worms. Photo by Rachel DePaolo.

Employee Avery Robinson said Who Dat’s is not just a daiquiri shop. They also offer beignets and pizza.

“It is a fun place that both students, locals and families can all enjoy,” Robinson said. “We want to cater to the needs of all people in the Oxford community. We have big plans to bring even more goodies to our menu and special deals every day that we announce on our social media platforms.”

You can find them on Instagram @whodatsdrivethru.

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