Video: Carbo sprints to success with Ole Miss Track & Field team

T’Aja Cameron
Oxford stories

The SEC is one of the most competitive conferences in the nation, and Jolie Carbo is one of the best 400 meter sprinters that has been part of the women’s track and field program at Ole Miss.

The Mississippi native is a talented and sensible young woman who has gifts only a few are born with.

“The transition was really hard, and under new coaching, I put the pieces together and stayed persistent,” she said. “Track is my sanctuary. When I run, I never think about all the stress I have going on around me.”

Sometimes athletes can get distracted and experience stagnation. “ Just focus and stop thinking,” she said. “Just run. So many times, we can find ourselves focused on things that don’t matter, and running with a clear mind is the absolute best.”

Photo by: T’Aja Cameron

Being on the team allowed Carbo to have a family. “Everyone is close, closer than we were before,” she said. “We always push each other to be better on and off the track, but that’s not just the sprinters. It’s the whole team as one.”

Carbo encourages those pursuing a career in track to be “coachable” and remember that no coach wants an athlete who isn’t.

“Even if you’re the best athlete there is, no coach wants to train an athlete that can’t be coached,” she said.

Photo by: T’Aja Cameron

Being an athlete is about growth and responsibility. You are responsible for your own growth and resilience through all situations you will face. The journey will never be easy. No one ever said it was supposed to be.

Training your body and having a strong mentality in this sport will make or break you. How you choose to proceed is your responsibility, and to shape yourself into the athlete you want to become is up to you. Trust the process and be patient.

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