Video: New Oxford gym opens that lets the Individual Design Fitness

Maddie Medina
Oxford Stories

Completely individualized programming fit to each individual’s unique needs combined with the community atmosphere of a typical gym, Oxford’s newest gym, Individual Design Fitness, is one of a kind.

Last March, owner C.J. McKinney opened a new fitness studio in Oxford. Having trained clients for several years as an OPEX certified personal trainer, McKinney decided it was time to open his own location.

“Oxford doesn’t have anything like this,” McKinney said. “They don’t have a community environment where everyone has their own individualized programming. In Jackson, they have that. I know in Nashville they have that, but Oxford hasn’t seen it yet.”

A client works with the barbell. Photo by: Maddie Medina

Coach McKinney meets with each of his clients and spends time getting to know them and their goals. After an assessment process, he designs a unique program that fits their goals. No two clients will ever have the same program at ID Fitness.

“I think it will benefit clients to look at fitness more internally instead of externally and not compare themselves down to ‘Sam’ that’s right next to them, but compare themselves to themselves to try to get better at their own mile markers,” McKinney said.

McKinney’s gym is also unique in that he gives all of his clients 24 hour access to the facility. He knows each client has a different schedule and wants to make fitness a priority during their busy days.

One of the clients prepares for her lift. Photo by: Maddie Medina

He does everything he can to make going to the gym a practical and enjoyable experience for his clients. For several hours during the day, he has a ‘floor coach’ at the facility to answer questions and oversee workouts, while giving clients independence.

“I’m a floor coach here at ID fitness, so my job is when clients come into the building, I’ll assess what their workout is,” said Coach Reuben Rigney. “I’ll look at it, and if they have any questions about it, from there, I’ll answer them, and then I’ll help them with their workout.”

Rigney also is a believer in McKinney’s fitness philosophy and shares a similar passion for fitness that McKinney does.

Coach Rigney explains a lift to a client. Photo by: Maddie Medina

“I think there’s a lot special about ID Fitness,” Rigney sid. “There’s a really large and strong community here. So everybody knows everybody else. Everybody is friends with everybody, and that makes your workouts so much more fun than just going into a gym where you don’t know anybody.”

McKinney hopes to keep expanding his gym and taking on new clients to make a positive difference in their lives.

“Fitness affects everything that you do,” McKinney said, “so if you’re not fit, it’s going to be super hard just to function in daily life.”

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