Video: UM student’s future bright with Fraze sunglasses

Ashley Miles
Oxford Stories

Mississippi resident and University of Mississippi student Lindy Goodson is an accidental entrepreneur.

For almost two years, her business Fraze has reached almost every state in the country.

“My sophomore year Bid Day, I had this idea to glue beads onto sunglasses,” she said. “So, my friend, Liz, and I did it to take pictures for Instagram.”

She said many people reached out to her about the glasses, and someone said they would be willing to pay.

“It started out as a fundraiser for RebelTHON, and then it got to a point that other campuses were reaching out to us,” Goodson said. “I had never shipped anything. We saw a sign outside the bus stop that said ‘Business Competition hosted by the business school.’

Goodson and her friend signed up for the competition.

“We thought it was going to be a joke,” she said. “It was a huge success because they actually helped us set up our business, and now it has just kept going and going. Now, we make glasses for Bid Days, musical festivals, birthdays, parties, life.”

Goodson also does YouTube on the side, but before she created her channel this past year, she went viral her freshman year because of her dorm room. This was her first experience with many people viewing content on the internet, and being bullied on the internet.

“It made me stronger,” she said. “My entrepreneurial internet experience went further because I have always wanted to make YouTube videos. I had people asking me about Fraze and how I edited my pictures on Instagram. So, I thought I could segway this into a channel.”

Goodson said she started filming herself answering specific questions because she felt like she had a purpose “rather than just sticking myself on the internet.” She also said she received positive and negative responses.

“But, I just kept going,” she said. “YouTube has been really positive, and I have a thicker skin because of my experiences freshman year. I am convinced that in today’s day and age, you can make it on the internet or in whatever you want because we have all this power at our fingertips, so at least something worth trying.”


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