Video: In a male-dominated industry, Batesville woman oversees Oxford construction company

Addison Harbour
Oxford Stories

The construction industry is male-dominated, but at the Oxford construction company A. S. Fornea Construction, a Batesville woman runs the show.

A. S. Fornea Construction was founded by Andy Fornea shortly after he graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Business. The company now has more than four projects that range from subdivisions, parking lots, condominiums, and business space.

Daily operations are largely overseen by one woman, Alexandra Beith. Alexandra, or “Lexa,” as she is called, manages the ASFornea office, but many days you’ll find her checking job sites and giving directions. She describes herself as “jack of all trades” and has worked in just about every role you can imagine.

When in the office, Beith pays invoices or does basic accounting and handles clients and subcontractors. Outside of the office, she may be on a ladder, in an attic, painting, or fixing a job that may not reach her standards. She makes sure all job sites are running smoothly, and if anyone is out of line, she puts them in their place.

Beith is a disciplinarian and won’t hesitate to tell someone if they have screwed up, male or female. She has to make sure everything stays on schedule and is efficient, and can be hardcore regarding punctuality. If an employee shows up late, they better have an excellent reason why or they will have to answer to Beith.

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