Video: Oxford band plans to begin recording original music soon

Karl Krynen
Oxford Stories

An Oxford band comprised entirely of University of Mississippi students trying to balance school, a social life, and their young music careers plans to begin recording original music soon.

Pearl Divide features Kelly McBride, guitar player and vocalist; Parker Daily, with the guitar and backup vocals; Mitchell Boulanger on the bass; and Joseph Wells mans the drums.

Pearl Divide has been playing together since January 2017, but in those two years, they have created something special. All four members are from Jackson and have been friends since high school. Their friendship and chemistry are obvious on stage as they are all comfortable playing together and look like they have been doing it for decades.  

“Basically, me and our old drummer started playing together, and I taught Mitchell how to play bass,” McBride said. “One day, I invited Parker to come jam with us, and ever since then, we’ve been playing together.”

Pearl Divide performs most of their shows at Rooster’s Blues House on the Square, but it is not unusual to find them performing at other venues, such as Harrison’s or the levee. The band has also performed at many larger events that draw a big crowd. Most recently, they performed at Bonnamu, the Phi Mu sororities philanthropy event that raises money for LeBonheur Children’s hospital in Memphis.

“I’ve been doing this ever since I was 15, so I’m pretty used to it,” McBride said. “But there’s not a better feeling than looking out and seeing the crowd interested in what your doing, especially if you can make them dance. It’s a really good feeling.”

Pearl Divide plays mostly covers of other bands, but they are constantly working on music of their own. At the moment, they have about four original songs they are comfortable playing in front of people. They draw inspiration from groups, such as the Red-Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, and The Grateful Dead.

Pearl Divide members are enjoying themselves and aren’t too worried about what the future holds. They love to perform with each other and are just living in the moment. Although the far future is unclear for the band, the near future is full of possibilities as Pearl Divide members plan to begin recording music. You may soon ind their songs on music streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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