Video: Oxford residents are getting ‘KyleSnapped’ by OHS teen photographer

Pictured above is Kyle Gordon

Breyton Moran
Oxford Stories

Money is one of the most influential driving forces in the world. With prices rising every moment, Americans are searching for more innovative ways to “bring home the bacon.”

Teens are also thinking outside the box to earn cash. While most of his peers are bagging groceries, waiting tables, and flipping burgers, Oxford native, Kyle Gordon, is making money with photography.

Gordon, 19, a senior at Oxford High School, enjoys all the typical teen things, such as hanging out with friends, going to the movies, and spending time with his family, but he also spends much of his free time shooting and editing hundreds of photos of his peers.

Gordon editing photos from his latest photoshoot. Photo by Breyton Moran.

“I started taking pictures about a year ago,” he said. “It was just me and my friends on a random day, and we just decided to do it. Since then, it’s just been growing.”

He found a passion in photography through watching others feel excluded, something he is familiar with.

“I’ve been in situations where I didn’t feel included,” he said. This is something Gordon fights in his business. “I take pictures of anyone who wants them, because it isn’t hurting anything, and it can make someone feel good in the process.”

Making someone feel good about themselves and boosting confidence is Gordon’s business motto and an idea he stands by.

Model smiles big during her photoshoot. Photo by Kyle Gordon

“I know that doing pictures for people sounds so simple, but it’s something that can make people feel confident, and if I can make anyone feel confident in any way, that’s super helpful,” he said.

Gordon chooses photography over other things like sports or music, because today when everyone is fixated on social media, people seek to impress their fan base creating the perfect market.

“There’s a market for it, so I hopped on it,” he said.

Most of Gordon’s friends and family, especially his mother, approve of his money-making strategy. Some even refer to him as “KyleSnapped,” the name of his business.

“Everyone seems to like it just as much as I do, so it’s been great,” Gordon said.

In the future, while he has no aspirations to become a full-time photographer, Gordon hopes to continue taking pictures for as long as it’s still a passion, because “it’s fun and why not?”

Friends gather with smiles for photoshoot. Photo by Kyle Gordon

In the fall, Gordon plans to attend the University of Mississippi to study speech pathology. Growing up going to speech, he understands how much of an impact speech had on him and he wants the opportunity to help someone else in his situation.

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