Visit the Black Mirror Project education website to read student science fiction stories about media and technology

Are you a fan of “Black Mirror?” University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media students enrolled in one section of JOUR 101 have a “Black Mirror” themed class that envisions the future of technology and media after learning about its history.

Their most recent writing assignment was to write a creative synopsis for an episode of “Black Mirror,” which many have compared to “The Twilight Zone.” Many of these “Black Mirror Reflections” will be posted on the Black Mirror Project website. You can read them here.

The School of Journalism and New Media will also be offering a “Black Mirror” themed special topics class in the SECOND SUMMER TERM. You are invited to sign up for JOUR 361 with professor LaReeca Rucker. The class will be held Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. during this time.

The Netflix British science-fiction anthology series set in the near future explores the potential consequences of social media and future technology. Each episode has a different cast with a unique story and, like most science fiction, it offers a prophetic warning about what could happen if we lose control and allow technology to control us.

Recognizing the show’s potential as a discussion starter about modern and future media, students will watch specific episodes of “Black Mirror” and think critically about the program.

Through class discussions and writing exercises, they will envision the future of social media and technology. Some selected content will be hosted on a Black Mirror Project website.

The class will also analyze topical developments and news stories related to the impact of social media on society. Other science fiction movies and television shows will be examined that fit the theme. And we’ll speculate about what the future holds, good and bad, with media and technology.

You can register now to become part of this special topics class. Email for more information.

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