My Michelle’s offers home-cooked meals and Wine Wednesday

Customers' painted wine glasses. Photo by Emma Heasley.
Customers’ painted wine glasses. Photo by Emma Heasley.

Emma Heasley
Oxford Stories

My Michelle’s, an Oxford restaurant, is the place to grab a home-cooked meal, order one for tailgating in the Grove, or to relax and get creative on Wine Wednesday.

My Michelle’s started in the home kitchen of Michelle Rounsaville, a long time Oxford resident, Phi Mu alumna, and University of Mississippi graduate. Her passion for cooking began in college. Preparing meals for friends led to a degree in hospitality management.

She later completed culinary school at Colorado Mountain College before returning to Oxford. Rounsaville added restaurant management experience while working with Oxford Steak Company and PRIME Steakhouse. She used her background in culinary and restaurant management experience to open My Michelle’s. An instant hit, the business moved from the home kitchen to a building.

“(The restaurant) grew so quickly that she had no choice but to venture out due to the lack of cooking and prep space for the high demand of orders, and continues to grow at a rapid pace,” said My Michelle’s Manager Rebekah Dean.

My Michelle’s restaurant. Photo by Emma Heasley.

Avoiding the Oxford Square chaos, My Michelle’s is located at 3000 Old Taylor Rd Suite C., just a mile from campus. Serving traditional American cuisine, the restaurant strives to provide homemade taste with quick service. 

Dean said, “Our menu is simple, but very, very tasty and served within a short time after ordering.”

Genevieve Moses, a waitress at My Michelle’s, said dishes are made from scratch, and they prepare homemade casseroles weekly that are sold out of the fridge.

“You can have a home-cooked meal at home if you want, which is a really cool option, because it’s easy to heat up and includes different dish sizes and directions,” she said.

My Michelle’s bar. Photo by Emma Heasley.

My Michelle’s Grab and Go Cooler options change often and provide busy individuals with a healthy and quick meal option. 

My Michelle’s healthy and homemade food options are also a hit among the Ole Miss tailgating scene. A full catering menu is available for games and events, including appetizers, entrees, deserts, and beverages. The restaurant offers catering deliveries to the Grove on game days, making it easy for game-goers to get a taste of home cooking.

My Michelle’s has various food and drink deals throughout the week, such as 2-for-1 Tuesdays and Happy Hour every Friday. The most popular weekly deal is Wine Wednesday, which includes discounted food and wine, and a unique and fun art activity.

Customers have the option to paint a wine glass and receive discounted refills on house wines. My Michelle’s provides a wine glass and paint for a $5 charge with $2 refills while you paint.

“We keep the glass for you on our wall wine glass display for customers to view at our restaurant, and you come back every Wednesday to enjoy wine for $2 in your personally designed glass,” said Dean. “It’s a way to have fun with friends while dining on great food.”

Moses, also a college student, said Wine Wednesday is popular among the college crowd. “Everyone loves wine and something different to do with their girls,” said Moses. “It’s so fun because you get to bond with your friends while painting, then get $2 refills for the rest of your life. It’s hype.”

Moses said Rounsaville’s personality is reflected in the restaurant. “Michelle is a great leader and knows exactly how to give direction,” said Moses. “She is straight forward, but never mean. I’m not afraid to mess up in front of her because she always gives constructive criticism and is always down to take on something new.”

You can paint a wine glass, kick back with friends and family, and enjoy a healthy and traditional homemade meal. My Michelle’s dine-in, take out, and Landshark delivery options make it possible to get a taste of home.

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