Pontotoc photographer works to perfect her craft

An image of a girl from Liza B. Photography.
An image of a girl from Liza B. Photography.

Amy Roberts
Oxford Stories

Liza Grace Bailey, 21, began taking photos professionally two years ago after attending the Bodock Festival in Pontotoc where musician Trent Harmon was performing. She brought her camera along without realizing the event would influence her future.

“I just remember standing in the crowd snapping photos of Trent on stage and being like ‘I could do this for the rest of my life,’” said Bailey who now operates Liza B. Photography.

When her friends remarked she had a natural talent for taking pictures, she initially brushed it off thinking they were just being nice. She didn’t think it could be true until the Bodock Festival. After returning home from the event, she edited the photos she had taken and created a photography account.

An image of a girl from Liza B. Photography.
An image of a girl from Liza B. Photography.

“Being creative just comes easy to me, and it’s something that always has,” said Bailey, who has been interested in art and photography since age 10. She enjoys capturing moments in time and says a photo is like a memory you can keep forever. Whenever you pull out a photograph, memories return.

Portrait photography is one of her favorite activities. “I like being able to collaborate with the clients and discuss the ideas together to get exactly what they want,” said Bailey, who encourages others to pursue their interests. Don’t overthink it. Just do whatever feels comfortable and be creative, she said.

It was challenging starting out. Bailey worried no one would like her work, but soon realized worrying too much ruins the fun and creativity. If you like it, share it, she said. Someone out there is going to appreciate your art.

Her favorite photo shoots involve imagination, and her friends often volunteer to help.

An image of a girl from Liza B. Photography.
An image of a girl from Liza B. Photography.

Client Shelby Cherry has enjoyed spending time with Bailey. “I love working with Liza,” she said. “She is really patient and keeps going until you get the end results that you want.”

Bailey said she’d like to photograph more concerts. She loves capturing the moments when artists and fans connect, and she hopes to gain more experience in this field.

To learn more or see samples of her work, you can visit Liza B. Photography’s Instagram page @lizabphotography_.

“There are many more photos to come,” she said. “Right now, I am putting together a Halloween photo shoot.”

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