Next Pop Up Worship set for Oct. 30 in Oxford

Photo of singers courtesy of Pop Up Worship.
Photo courtesy of Pop Up Worship.

Gracie Farquhar
Oxford Stories

Christianity is divided into seven denominations. Each sect has its own beliefs, but all share the same basis.

Segregation has occurred as a result of this diversity. However, Pop Up Worship wants to change that in Mississippi and unify the community with common values.

Pop Up Worship is a free monthly event held in Oxford that neglects the dissimilarities between Christian denominations and connects citizens by worshiping Jesus. The next gathering will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30 at The Powerhouse on University Avenue in Oxford.

Photo of man on stage by Gracie Farquhar.
Photo of a singer by Gracie Farquhar.

The worship event is a partnership between several Lafayette-Oxford churches, and it pops up at a different location each time.

“We’ve been at The Lyric. We’ve been at The Powerhouse. We’ve been in someone’s back yard,” said Billy Rainey, college ministries coordinator of Oxford-University United Methodist Church. “We’ve been everywhere throughout the community.

“It is organized as an opportunity to break down barriers, break down the walls that divide us, and to actually come together as a community to pursue God’s will for Oxford. We do that through monthly gatherings throughout the semesters at mutual locations.

“Pop Up Worship was created to get churches together and to come together for a common cause; for the sake of the Kingdom of God and the community.”

Pop Up Worship was originally founded in Tupelo, but made its way to Oxford in 2016.

Photo by Gracie Farquhar outside The Lyric in Oxford, one of the Pop Up Worship locations.
Photo by Gracie Farquhar outside The Lyric in Oxford, one of the Pop Up Worship locations.

“There was a movement of Pop Up that was happening in Tupelo,” Rainey said. “Basically, there was a group of friends who were involved in different churches and organizations who just wanted to come together and worship.”

Rainey said they wanted to spend time with others outside their church bubbles and find unity in Christ. Pop Up Worship is open to all.

“You don’t have to attend a church to come,” he said. “But more than anything, it’s just that the churches in Oxford and their denominations might have different beliefs, or some differences here and there, but the foundation is found in Jesus, and we wanted to come together in that unity and on that cornerstone.” 

Rainey said Pop Up Worship is about connecting with and unifying the community.

“The inspiration behind Pop Up Worship is the desire for people to connect with other Christians, or other people in the community,” Rainey said, “to not focus on our local churches, or denominations, or places we are on Sunday mornings, but actually come together with other people that we don’t often see, due to us worshiping on Sunday mornings at specific churches.”

Photo by Gracie Farquhar.

That’s why Pop Up Worship attendee Amanda Jackson has attended. 

“I love that Pop Up Worship is a space where I can come together with my community and celebrate Jesus without this sort of constraint that slapping a religious label on would bring,” she said.

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