Mississippi artist turns Oxford into a Whimsical town

Studio Whimzy of Oxford, MS. Photo by Cearra Moore.
Studio Whimzy of Oxford, MS. Photo by Cearra Moore.

Cearra Moore
Oxford Stories

A Mississippi artist has turned Oxford into a Whimsical town.

Studio Whimzy, an art studio at 807 College Hill Road across from Pat Lamar Park, was created by Sarah Kathryn Dossett Bridgers.

A native of the Madison-Ridgeland area who graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BFA in printmaking attended Madison-Ridgeland Academy from kindergarten through senior year. She was involved in many extracurricular activities, but knew she would always be involved in art.

“I have always been artistic, even from a young age,” she said. “It is what drove me all the way through high school. I feel like you get put in a box as a young person based on what you’re good at.

“I did try to steer away from it [art] for a while, because social norms tell you that you are not going to be very successful nor monetarily stable, but I just couldn’t do it. I kept coming back.”

Bridgers did not let social beliefs keep her from her destiny. Now people of all ages have a place to explore their creative side and hold birthday parties. Studio Whimzy can add creativity to any event. Bridgers offers step-by-step sessions and programs.

A photo of the front window of Studio Whimzy building. Photo by Cearra Moore.
A photo of the front window of Studio Whimzy building. Photo by Cearra Moore.

Studio Whimzy serves many purposes. One can participate in weekly events or purchase a painting. They can hold events, such as weddings or sorority group functions, by scheduling live paintings sessions, or have the studio and its staff join you at your chosen location.

Bridgers wears several hats. She also teaches at Willie Price Lab School on the University of Mississippi campus three days a week. And she is a mom, wife, best friend, provider, and caregiver. Wife to chef Trey Bridgers, she is the mother of Jack, 8, and twins, Elsie and Tucker, 12.

“As an artist, you have to be very secure in putting yourself out there,” Bridgers said. “As a teacher, you have to learn incredible amounts of patience.

“Stay calm and patient. That’s a big part of my job and why I feel as though I am so successful — because I can remind myself that my students, young or old, aren’t aware of what they are getting into or know how to do certain things. So you have to put yourself in that position.”

Preschool teacher Sarah Siebert has been visiting Studio Whimzy since it opened.

“Sarah Kathryn provides an amazing environment for anyone to come and paint, regardless of skill,” Siebert said. “Her [Bridgers] studio is welcoming and fun. It’s the perfect spot for a girls’ night or birthday party.”

Bridgers is also a Double Decker Festival featured artist who tries to create art as much as time will allow.

“I must sit and paint,” she said. “I really need to sit and paint every single day, but I have to sit and paint at least three times a week.”

If you want to let your imagination run wild on canvas, need to plan an event, want to sign your children up for art classes, or want to purchase art, you may want to follow Studio Whimzy on Facebook and/or Instagram to see a schedule of weekly classes, monthly events and availability.

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