As the world grows more health conscious, businesses like Herbalife remain popular because of social media

Richard and Madison Palmer.

Lauren Perry
Oxford Stories

Many businesses today use the power of technology as their primary platform for product sales, advertisement, and communications. Nutrition companies, such as Herbalife, have created the national trend of selling their products exclusively through independent distributors.

Herbalife is a company that encourages employees to become their own boss as a distributor while being an important member of the corporate team. Every Herbalife employee works together to promote a healthy lifestyle through their products.

“Being your own boss takes a lot of motivation and hard work to create the business you desire,” said University of Mississippi student Madison Palmer.

Herbalife is a global nutrition and weight management company that focuses on whole body nutrition and has been around for over 40 years. With over 2.3 million independent distributors around the world, distributors sell all-natural products, such as meal replacement shakes, energy supplements, nutrition powders, and countless other products designed to target potential health needs of customers.

Madison Palmer, 23, has been a Herbalife distributor for the past nine years and plans on continuing with Herbalife as her sole career in the future.

 “I first became a distributor at age 14,” she said. “Herbalife is both of my parents’ full-time careers, so soon as I was legally old enough to join, it was the first thing I did on my 14th birthday.”

With Herbalife’s somewhat unconventional business platform, many are quick to question the legitimacy of how successful one could become as a self-employed distributor due to many preconceived notions of the company falling under the “pyramid scheme” category.

“There is a lot of skepticism around anything that people aren’t accustomed to,” Palmer said. “Herbalife has been called a ‘pyramid scheme’ many times, but the company has always persevered throughout its 40 years.

“If anyone is skeptical about the products, I tell them to try them, and the products will speak to their worth. If anyone is suspicious of the process, I like to share stories, such as my parents’, to show what a fantastic blessing this company can be to someone.”

Big selling points for those looking to become a distributor are centered around the idea of promoting products you believe will better customers’ health and well-being. Additionally, distributors can earn their income either part- or full-time while working around one’s personal schedule.

Richard Palmer, 15 K Executive Presidents Team Member, has worked for Herbalife as a full-time career for the past 20+ years.

“I got to the point that I’m currently at today by helping people lose weight and achieve higher levels of wellness and energy through our nutritious products,” Palmer said. “I enjoy helping people earn part-time or full-time income working around their own schedule.”

While working at a self-paced level to promote products one truly believes in sounds like a dream come true, many obstacles are sure to come one’s way, just like in any other occupation. The importance behind successful sales and growing clientele all comes from social media promotion.

To build clientele, distributors must choose their social media platform of choice and get the word out to those who are interested. If one is lacking a social media following, they have no way to make sales unless they go door to door, and no one is doing that nowadays.

The longer distributors work for Herbalife, their sales, standing, and following within the company will continue to increase, much like how more traditional businesses tend to operate.

“I have never had an issue with getting clients,” Madison Palmer said. “There is always someone out there who is searching to increase their health, and a lot of the time, they will find me.”

Businesses like Herbalife are becoming increasingly appealing to younger generations due to their frequent usage of social media platforms. When viewers see a post from a social media influencer promoting a product, many look at the product information behind whatever the influencer is raving about. Don’t make it an advertisement.

“I personally don’t reach out to people through direct message,” Palmer said. “When you have a company that is as established as Herbalife, I don’t feel the need to reach out to people who aren’t interested. I do promote Herbalife on my social media.

“My team owns shops where they sell Herbalife products while creating strong relationships with customers. My goal is to open my own shop soon, but for now I am working in a new shop in downtown Austin this summer.”

The national trend of non-traditional business platforms like Herbalife have proven how successful one can be through the power of becoming one’s own boss and promoting products to help better clients’ health.

“When you have the kind of passion that I do for Herbalife, you will never work another day,” said Palmer.


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