Video Story: Laurel artist leads colorful life

Mallory Dickinson
Oxford Stories

Laurel, Mississippi resident Tori Geiger discovered art as a way of expressing herself when she was a senior in high school. Although she had always taken various required art classes throughout middle school and high school, she never knew how far it would take her until she conducted her final art project senior year.

Geiger was told to create something abstract that contained a lot of personality. After working on her piece for months, her passion for art blossomed. Geiger created a colorful piece of an abstract human head that contained various shapes and details. This was her first personal piece of art, and it hangs in her house today.

Because she paints every day, Geiger has learned to use both acrylic and watercolor. She prefers watercolor paintings, but some of her best work was done using acrylics.

“I love to use watercolor because abstract art is a peaceful way of expressing art in my opinion, said Geiger.” “I often only use acrylic paints to paint certain aspects of my life and the life around me instead of abstract strokes like watercolor.”

Geiger recently bought her first house as an adult, and it is filled with her personal artwork. She has had so many friends and family ask her to paint a piece for them that she has begun selling her work around Mississippi.

Geiger learned the most about art during her trip studying abroad in France during college. She said art in a different country is much different from art in the United States. The art in France inspired her to begin painting from a different perspective.

Kerrie Owen met Geiger after she graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, and soon began noticing her passion and talent for painting. They have become close friends throughout the last couple of years, and Geiger has painted some art that hangs in Owen’s house.

“Tori has an amazing talent for art, said Owen.” “Everyone at work asks her to paint a piece for their office or house, and I think that is amazing.”

Geiger continues to paint and wishes to paint for the remainder of her life. It is something that brings her joy and peace.

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