Video Story – Victoria resident journeys to find career fulfillment

Jordan Kleber
Oxford Stories

Life is constantly changing. Nothing is certain, and nothing remains permanent. Megan Slattery’s personal life and career path reflect this.

Slattery has experience in the medical field, in business, and most recently as a teacher. These are three different career choices, but they all represent who she was at different points in her life. Her journey to find herself and the right occupation is an inspiration for people who are still searching for fullfillment.

Growing up, Slattery always knew she wanted to be a doctor. She enjoyed helping people, and her mom, aunt and grandmother were all doctors. She attended Baptist Health and Sciences College in Memphis and graduated. She worked for two years as a neonatologist for Baptist Hospital.

“I absolutely loved helping people,” she said. “Nothing made me feel better or more accomplished.”

While she was on vacation, Slattery met her husband and everything changed.

“Tracy worked on an oil rig, and I knew my profession was not going to work if we were to begin a family,” she said.

After having their first child, Slattery knew she needed to search for another job. But how could she be a neonatologist and take care of her newborn child when her husband was away for several weeks? The answer was she could not be in the medical field any longer.

Her first few months in Texas were stressful, as she was newly married, was in the early stages of pregnancy, and was looking for a new job in a foreign state. The temporary solution was working for her father’s company.

“My father offered me the position as an assistant to the manager at his manufacturing company,” she said.

This job was perfect for Slattery because she could work from home and take care of the baby. This temporary solution became more long-term than she had anticipated. After her first child, Slattery and her husband were blessed with two more little girls.

While they were happy to create a beautiful family, it meant Slattery must continue working from home for her dad’s company several more years until the girls were old enough to go to school.

Although Slattery was grateful for the job opportunity and was good at what she was doing, there was always an unsettling feeling.

“I wanted to have a bigger impact on people and help them like I was when I as a neonatologist,” she said. “And most of all, I wanted to help kids again.”

Slattery knew she would not be able to return as a doctor, but she still wanted to help children. In 2016, she was faced with another obstacle. She had to choose between her home in Texas and maintaining her job at her father’s company. Her father “approached her” about being “more involved in the company.”

“He needed me in the office more than just on holidays and every couple of months,” she said.

This led her to move closer to Memphis where the company was located. However, she did not want to live in the city after living in the country for several years. She grew to love living in the “middle of nowhere” and began looking for land in Victoria, Mississippi.

“I had some family in Victoria, and they loved it, so they helped me look for some nice areas to live,” she said.

Slattery and her family adapted to living in Victoria and learned to love it there as much as Texas. She continued working her job as an assistant manager, and her husband flew back as frequently as possible to see his family.

This schedule remained the same until 2020 when the coronavirus changed their everyday lives. For Slattery, it meant she would once again have to start working from home.

“The schools did not have a good plan for maintaining social distancing and keeping the children safe, so I made the decision to do online school,” she said. “Their teachers would send us a lesson list that the girls would need to complete, and it was basically up to the parents of how and when these assignments would be completed.”

Because it is difficult for the girls to learn on Zoom, Slattery found herself teaching the girls everything they were learning. Although the situation was not ideal, it made her realize she would enjoy being a teacher.

“I fell in love with teaching,” she said.

Although she has never taught before, she knew this would finally satisfy that longing for an occupation that was making an impact. She is currently working on her teaching degree, but is still working for her dad’s company in the meantime.


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