Video Story: Oxford Floral grows more than flowers

Katie Matkins
Oxford Stories

David Naron has grown more than flowers with Oxford Floral. His business has become part of the community.

Oxford Floral has been a family-owned and operated business since it was founded in 1924. When Naron and his wife, Katie, bought the business, they continued the tradition.

Naron has built countless relationships as his business has aged. Starting off as a flower delivery boy, and now the owner, he prides himself in hiring people who immerse themselves in the business and are enjoyable to work with.

Naron enjoys all parts of Oxford Floral, but his favorite aspect is watching his employees and clients grow. He said seeing his college, part-time workers grow up in front of him is like watching his own children age.

Naron wants to surround himself with good people, so that is what he looks for in employees and his community, which is why he picked Oxford to live. Oxford Floral offers upscale services for floral needs, fine gifts, and accessories for the home, as well as a full bridal registry of crystal, China and linens. But David and Katie Naron go beyond those services. They are a family in the community and have been there for people during their hardest times.

Naron wants to keep his business small. Rather than focusing on growing and expanding Oxford Floral, he said he works to make Oxford Floral the best it can be, ensuring it lives up to its highest potential.

To him, having the highest quality of flowers is a point of pride. He said Oxford Floral buys some of the best flowers in the world, and he believes that separates him from competitors.

It takes three days from the time a rose is cut to the time it is delivered to someone’s doorstep. Naron is proud of this fast turnaround. He wants customers to have arrangements that last as long as possible with quality flowers rather than arrangements with intricate designs that wilt after one day.


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