Column: Travel advice for spending three perfect days in Prague


Katherine Matkins
Oxford Stories

Prague, where the beer is cheaper than water. Prague, home of some of the best shopping in Europe. Prague, the city where every street contains magnificent architecture. Prague, home to the oldest castle in Europe. Prague, The City Of 100 Spires.

With all the places to see and go, there was no time to waste. So this is exactly what I did and this is what you should do as well. 

DAY 1 

I stayed in the heart of Prague, Old Town, so I was able to walk to most places instead of using money on taxis. This was the best decision I made for the trip. It made the experience 100 times better because it felt like I was really living in Prague for the weekend. If I had been cooped up in a hotel without the gorgeous view of Old Town and the stunning architecture of the city streets, my trip would have changed completely. Make sure you do the same. 

One thing to take note of is that the people are not always kind. After a delicious dinner, I recommend Meet Burger, go to the club Lucerna. At Lucerna, the bouncers will be rude and the people outside were extremely sketchy and scary. If you are a girl, travel and go here with boys.

I highly recommend traveling in groups for safety reasons, especially at night. If you take safety precautions, it is worth going. The club is great if you’re a person who loves clubs. If you hate crowds and strangers, steer clear.

The concept of the club is undeniably great. Each of the five floors played different types of music. One floor is EDM, another is classic hits, and the next 2000s jams. Lucerna provides a guaranteed fun night with drinks made by a robot if you visit the 5th floor. The bar, along with most places in Prague, only accepts cash. I recommend changing your cash for their currency as soon as you arrive. The train station has a place they can do it for you very efficiently. 


DAY 2 

Here is a tip – do not sleep late in the mornings. You are in an amazing city that is completely new to you, and you should take advantage of that. So, get up and get an early start to the day.

Once you’re up, immediately head to the Prague Castle. It is a long, uphill walk with 220 stairs so wear the proper shoes and pack accordingly. Get to the castle as early as you can so you can spend as much time there as you wish. You may not realize how huge it is and how much there is to see within the walls.

You should get a day pass with entry to all parts of the castle. That way you have access to everything and can spend as much time there as you please. Take as many pictures as you can, although it is hard to capture the oldest castle in Europe’s beauty through the lens of a camera.

The Prague Castle is absolutely breathtaking. The stunning architecture and enticing history makes it a favorite site to see in Prague. The John Lennon wall is a short walk from the castle and another must see in Prague. The wallis constantly changing. Again, take pictures of the wall and sign it. Be sure to bring a Sharpie to sign the wall. They have people selling them there, but they are more expensive than they would be otherwise. 

After the wall, take the St. Charles Bridge back to where you are staying. The St. Charles Bridge is a gothic bridge connecting Old Town to Lesser Town. It is lined on both sides with stunning sculptures of Catholic saints and filled with street vendors selling unique, handmade items. Stroll around and explore. On the walk back, admire the beauty that surrounds you. Make sure you are careful of pick-pocketing. It can happen often in Prague, so make sure you have eyes on your belongings at all times and be wary of strangers. 


When looking for a restaurant with local food, go to White Horse. It is located in the middle of magical Old Town. If given the choice, sit downstairs. White Horse was built in the Romanesque cellars of a 12th century historic building, so it feels as you have been transported back in time. This, along with the live music, added to the ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant. The meal will be the most expensive of the weekend, but well worth it and still not what it would be in America. They also have an outdoor garden you can sit at, which offers a view of Old Town and the Astronomical Clock. 

The best night life experience to have is The Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl on the second night. This pub crawl is an absolute blast. Do this with a big group of people because it is so much fun to do with a group of friends. They have a professional photographer that takes pictures and posts them with no watermark for free so take advantage of that and get him to take as many pictures as you can. You’ll want memories from this night, and it might help put the bits and pieces together the next morning. On the crawl, they take you to three other bars/clubs with no cover. All of the bars are so much fun and all have a different vibe. You have to do this! 

DAY 3 

This is the more relaxed day in Prague, although waking up early to sightsee is never a bad idea. Go down to the Vltava River to go paddle boating and enjoy a drink with a scenic view. The paddle boats were so much fun, and you could get close to the historical buildings, getting a unique look from the water. Paddling down the longest river in the Czeh Republic is something you don’t want to miss. However, do NOT bring your phone with you. I did and it resulted in it falling and sinking immediately. Still, this is a great daytime experience. While waiting for your boat, drink a beer by the water at their bar and listen to the live music. It is serene and beautiful. A definite must do. 

After the adventures from the day before, you will go to a cafe, get one last rohlík for the road and begrudgingly shove all of your belongings into your bag and head to the train station. With the memories of  “The City of a Hundred Spires” still dancing in your head on the way home, you are guaranteed to never forget the city of Prague. 

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