University of Mississippi junior is Cincere about the beauty business

DaLakin Crawford
Oxford Stories

STUDENT PROFILE – Kierra Jordan, a University of Mississippi junior, is a criminal justice major with a minor in business who is also an entrepreneur. During her three years at UM, she has created Cincere Beauty to enhance the natural beauty of her customers.

“I was super, super broke,” said Jordan. “I wasn’t using my talents.”

Jordan said her business allows men and women to become more comfortable with their natural beauty. She is motivated by seeing the results of her customers and clients.

Cincere Beauty offers four services – lash extensions, teeth-whitening, facials and waxing. However, more services are likely to come due to Jordan’s drive to expand her business. She advertises her services and products via social media, flyers and clothing.

Jordan orders her products, makes them and packages them. She has high expectations for herself and Cincere Beauty. Her ultimate goal is to have chain beauty bars across America and to have her products sold nationwide.

“I don’t put limits on myself,” she said. “My ultimate goal is to become the Amazon of beauty.”

Jordan said her drive to become better and for her brand to become known worldwide is what motivates her because there are some days she does not feel like working. A business and life lesson that Jordan has learned is to always believe in herself.

Tyanna Williams is Jordan’s business partner. She said they balance each other out. The focus of their business is slightly different. However, Williams can still depend on Jordan to uplift her in an area where she lacks. Jordan is also able to rely on Williams to strengthen her in her weak areas.

Williams and Jordan were friends before becoming business partners. Williams believes that allows them to work together easily because they do not bring their friendship into the business. Williams said that it is important when doing business with your friend because things could take a turn for the worse. She also believes that is what makes them efficient business partners.

On the other hand, Williams described Jordan as being strong-minded and firm when it comes to her brand. She said Jordan is serious about Cincere Beauty and always finds ways to make it better.

“She’s always ready to learn something new,” Williams said. “She loves to grow.”

Jordan’s willingness to grow and her ability to be teachable is what makes her a good business owner. She never feels as if she knows enough. Jordan is always willing to become informed. She believes that the more she learns, the better she will become. Williams and Jordan feel that there is room for improvement, and they will do whatever they can to help each other, as well as their business.

“Kierra is a very dependable partner,” she said. “I know I can always count on her to get something done if I can’t.”

Williams enjoys having Jordan as a business partner because they have some common goals, and they are each other’s backbone within their businesses. Williams and Jordan feel that when one person is falling short, it is the other person’s job to pick them back up and encourage them to keep pressing forward. Neither person feels as if they made a wrong decision on becoming business partners.

Williams admires Jordan and her eagerness to become more than her brand. She supports Jordan’s ultimate goal of becoming the Amazon of beauty. Williams is ecstatic to see her and Jordan’s future. She is confident that they both will become successful within their business and life in general.

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