The Untold story behind a University of Mississippi IMC major’s business

Eumetria Jones 
Oxford Stories

STUDENT PROFILE – Everyone has an Untold story.

Virginia White, a freshman University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New media integrated marketing communications major, works to uncover and repurpose stories in her business Untold Designs of Meridian, Mississippi.

The company offers one-of-a-kind handmade products sourced from vintage clothing and antique stores that are resourced into new apparel, jewelry, ornaments, candles, woodblock designs and more. 

White’s creativity blossomed early as she worked as a model and gift wrapper in her family’s gift boutique, Point Rexall, founded by her great grandfather in 1951.

“As a kid, Virginia has always had a great imagination, kind and thoughtful heart, and a huge love of the arts,” said Virginia’s mom, Jeanna White. “She has always been the happiest when she is giving back to the community through the arts.” 

Growing up, White was involved in her community, school and family life. She participated in student council, honor society, competitive dance, performing arts, piano, and many community service projects.

“Through my experience in community involvement, I have learned you never stop growing and learning,” she said. “This allows me to try new things and to set new goals because there are only a limited number of tomorrows, but an unlimited number of yeses.” 

Community involvement has been essential in her life and has impacted and developed her worldview. This helped her form the concept behind Untold Designs.

Virginia White

“During my sophomore year in high school, I began to build my own company, Untold Designs,” she said. “I realized from my participation in the arts that sometimes the story that is told has another story that is untold behind it …

“I came to the conclusion that sometimes untold history allows someone to create their own version of the story and make it special. So, I decided to collect unique pieces from antique jewelry and vintage clothing to make one-of-a-kind pieces that have an untold story.”

Growing up in a lineage of Rebels, White believed the University of Mississippi was part of her destiny. Her grandmother was one of the first women to graduate from the University of Mississippi as a pharmacist. She taught her to be a leader and break the glass ceiling, but most importantly, love every day and have a rewarding career.

So, growing up around campus and during one of her senior visits, White decided to become a University of Mississippi integrated marketing communications major.

“The ability to have a mass communications, marketing, and business degree tied into one made my decision clear,” she said. “After finding out about the hybrid degree style offered, I knew Ole Miss was the right place for me.”

White said IMC will allow her to combine her love for storytelling with her work experience in retail at her family’s gift boutique.

Some of White’s pieces from Untold Designs.

White has been involved in many organizations on campus. She has been a member of the University Chorus, Women in Business: Director of Internal Communications, ASB Freshman Forum, Talbert Fellows Cohort, Official Interviewer for Cooper Manning, Young Women for America, M Power Leadership, Pulse Leadership, and Alpha Delta Pi: Intramural Chair and Panhellenic Team. 

She has learned many advertising techniques she has used to promote her designs in print, radio, and on social media. She believes time management is the most important skill she has learned that allows her to explore and design ideas while also staying on top of schoolwork.

Her mother, Jeanna White, has always reminded Virginia that, “The more of yourself you put into a goal, the more you get out of it.”

White doesn’t set limitations on her ability to create and help others. Her company’s goals showcase the importance of everyone’s own untold stories.

“I think it is extremely important to remember every person has an untold story,” she said. “We don’t know the path they have walked, so being kind does not hurt anyone, but it can make an impact on others. Take time to observe and listen to others’ Untold Stories and you will learn about yourself.” 

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