Los Angeles native and UM grad lands job with Rubenstein in NYC

Camryn Christenson. Submitted photo.
Camryn Christenson. Submitted photo.

Gabrielle Curry
Oxford Stories

A Los Angeles native who graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2021 recently landed a job with a New York City public relations firm.

Camryn Christenson, who graduated from the UM School of Journalism and New Media with a degree in integrated marketing communications and a minor in public relations and general business, now works within the real estate sector of Rubenstein as an account coordinator.

The strategic communications and reputation management firm, founded by Howard J. Rubenstein in 1954, works to navigate the media, “helping more than 400 clients solve problems, seize opportunities, and manage risk.”

Christenson grew up in Los Angeles, and fondly recalls going to the beach in Malibu as a child. The ocean made her feel free and fearless. She initially planned to study social work and psychology at the University of Mississippi, impressed by the program. She loved that Oxford provided a small, quaint atmosphere and a gorgeous campus.

Farley Hall at the University of Mississippi. Photo by Gabrielle Curry.
Farley Hall at the University of Mississippi. Photo by Gabrielle Curry.

When her advisor suggested that she take public relations for fun as an elective, she fell in love with the field and realized it was something she wanted to pursue as a career. She said PR provided a creative outlet lacking in her other classes, and after the first semester, she became a UM School of Journalism and New Media student. She chose to study IMC because it was a versatile career field where she learned many different ways to create a story for her audience.

One of her favorite classes was an IMC persuasion course senior year. She respected her professors, but especially professor Deborah Hall, who wrote a reference letter for her current job and helped her when applying to jobs.

Christenson did not know what she wanted to do as a career path after college. Through the IMC program, she landed relevant internships, two in marketing, and one in PR. She applied to many agencies after graduation before she was hired by Rubenstein.

“Knowing the AP Style(book) like the back of your hand is beneficial,” she said, “and knowing what you need to do, and how to correctly format certain documents, such as a press release.”

Christenson said Excel courses have also been beneficial to her work.

Submitted photo of Camryn Christenson
Camryn Christenson. Submitted photo.

“Integrated marketing communications is significant to all types of professions,” she said. “No matter what you’re doing, you still need to tell a story. Even in accounting, you’re telling a story about how to get to point A to point B on balancing sheet.”

She believes all professions incorporate marketing aspects, like how to talk to clients and express what they want the right way.

“Without the pandemic, PR might be in a different place,” she said, “which I find fascinating, due to the innovation of technology that might not have been there before.”

Christenson said she hopes to grow with her company.

Erin Schaubel has been roommates with Christenson for three years.

“(I) have seen her grow so much as a person and within her career,” she said. “She is determined and not afraid to achieve her dreams, and I am so happy to see her journey continue in New York.”

For her long-term career goals, Christenson wants to work for an international PR firm and dreams of traveling the world, working abroad, where she would have the chance to gain experience and continue to grow.

She said be nice to everyone.

“You never know who you’re going to be working with or who someone else knows,” she said.

Christenson has learned that she can be real and personable with her bosses, as they want to get to know you and are curious about your interests. She encourages others to know that it is okay to ask for help. Through personal experience, she has learned that it is a sign a strength, not weakness.

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